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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

19 months old today!

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My Princess Baby Cakes is 19 months old today!

I can hardly fathom how much she has grown and how far she has come since we first held her in our arms 8 months ago. She is such a happy baby. She is running and spinning now. She tries to jump but can't seem to get those feet off the ground. She has her little orthodics inside her shoes and dislikes them with passion! She tries to get carried around when they are in because they are so uncomfortable and it breaks my heart. Today is only day 2 with them. We add an hour a day to the wearing time until she reaches 6 hours per day. He feet already look so much better just from the strength she has built up and the doctors don't expect she will be wearing them long. Her toes no longer fan out. We are just trying to get her to shift her weight on her whole foot instead of just the inside.

Her hair is finally coming in. Don't get me wrong... it is still like thin velvet but her bows actually stay in for more than an hour now without sliding right out. She is still just 19 pounds, she has gotten taller and lost a little bit of her precious chubbs. She still has every bit of those edible cheeks though! We pretty much kiss them from sun up to sun down!

She is trying to go under water when she swims and she loves to practice her Chinese. She can show you where all of her body parts are in Chinese now. Of course she can do this in English too but her Chinese is very good thanks to her little video Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei. She loves to play pull the carrot in Chinese while we sing the song. She knows other chinese action words like nod your head, dance, clap, wiggle your bottom, laugh, cry, jump, and shake hands. She is a smart little girl and shocks us all with her level of comprehension.

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jennifer said...

She is so stinkin' cute!!! I could just eat her up!

TanyaLea said...

Wow, they grow TOO fast! It's hard to believe your sweet girl has been home 8mos already. You'll be celebrating that big 2nd bday before you know it!

What is that video you speak of... sounds neat!?! :)


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