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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things..

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While we were away on our girls trip in So. CA we took Lexi to a theme park called Adventure City. It is a park geared just for6 and under. All of the rides are “kiddie” and they had a Thomas Train. Well Lexi is really loving trains right now. She hears the train run about a mile from our house and we have to go running out back and stand up on the waterfall to the pool so she can watch it go by. Any way… I sent Daddy a picture of her playing with the toy trains at the train tables they had set up in the park and when we came home there was a surprise for Lexi. Daddy went out and got Lexi her own Train table complete with a really cool train set that lights up and makes all sorts of train sounds as you drive along the track. What a cool Daddy these kids have!


traintablelexi traintablelex Favorite thing #2

Umbrellas, ah if we could only have a use for one here in the desert. Nope, no rain but Lexi loves umbrellas and she will sit with her’s and watch Barney sing Kerplink Kerplop with his umbrella 10 times over. She loves Barney Songs DVD because it is just songs and this girlie LOVES music and catchy songs. Sometimes when I try to fall asleep at night all I can hear is Kerplink Kerplop Kerplink Kerplop..Thanks Barney.

kerplink4 kerplink3

Favorite thing # 3.

I have gotten a few emails as well as a comment asking me for more information on Lexi’s favorite video, Play and Learn Chinese with Mei Mei. This is a DVD (we have the audio cd as well) that we purchased on line. We got ours from The Chinese woman (mei mei) has taught Chinese in Montessori schools for many years. She is Chinese, and resides in the U.S. After adopting her daughter in 2000 from China, she began making these videos for all the families out their with children from China in hopes that they would learn some of their native language as well as the culture. When I first watched the video I was not sure it was worth half what I paid for it. It seemed very boring, very low budget and, well, just not what I was expecting. Lexi on the other hand felt very different. She was glued, just taking it all in. The second time she watched it she was pointing to all her body parts and doing the action words before anyone on the video was doing them. I don’t know what it is but she loves this Mei Mei person and she has learned so much Chinese from it. I just ordered volume 2 and 3 of play and learn and volume 4 Dance and Learn. I’ll let you know what we think about them when they arrive.

Favorite thing #4

Playing pretend. These pictures were taken by Cassidy while she and Rylee were babysitting. Lexi was pretending to give her Ducky and bath. She is so good at pretending and also LOVES playing hide and seek. She hides in the same spot EVERY SINGLE time and it is so darn cute. She will also cover her eyes while someone else hides but I have caught her peeking many a time!!

ducky1duckykissduckysoapduckyinbath duckywashducky3 ducky2ducky4

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jennifer said...

She is SO adorable!! I might have to try those Chinese videos.
Love the way she's giving her ducky a bath! So sweet!!

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