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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Pin It Thursday night when I picked Rylee up from dance AT 9PM..... it was 111* outside! That's not a typo! Our high yesterday was 118* and our LOW last night was 93! Our pool is more like a hot spring than a pool right now. I think we need to throw a few dozen bags of ice in it tomorrow. We really can't do much or go anywhere because, well you know that surprise you get when you open up the oven to see if the food is ready and you put your head to close to the inside... the heat rises right up your nose and you get an instant facial. Well yep that's what it feels like outside. And then try putting a baby in the carseat after its been sitting in the 115 * parking lot...not pretty.
So.... we are very excited to have a visitor for the next 2 weeks. Someone that makes the kids days a lot more fun, for sure more exciting, and is very helpful with keeping the floor clean around Lexi's highchair. He loves to swim, in fact we can't keep him out of the pool and he makes Lexi feel as if she is out swimming with the dophins. I really wasn't thrilled about having a dog in my pool when he first jumped in. But once I saw how much he loves the water and how happy and content he is to just sit on the resting seat and soak... I caved in.
Isn't he the cutest!

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The Hunt Family said...

So cute Mary!! Every kid has to ride a dog at some time or another... how awesome that she riding the dog in the pool!!!

TanyaLea said...

HOLY MOLY!!...It's a SCORCHER there! I can honestly say I've never experienced quite that hot...probably a high of 106 and I thought I might die...our thick Minnesota skin doesn't handle that kind of heat too well! ;)

Okay, so those are some DARLING photos! Love that she is riding the dog like a dolphin...too cute!

Stay cool!!

Big Happy Family said...

Love you J!

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