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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 2 Beach

Pin It Well it started out a little questionable... Miss Lexi did not like the sand to touch her and would not get near it! She would do anything necessary to keep away from the sand.

Eventually we got her down but she was not happy about it!
Finally, with lots of help from the girls, she sat down.
She didn't like the way the sand stuck to her at first.

But she eased in to it! Cassidy built her her own little cove and there she stayed pretty much
the entire day! She wasn't thrilled with getting "dirty" but she loved to dig and stir the sand!

The dolphin were so close to shore and they were putting on quite a show for us!

The weather is much colder than it has been this time of year in years. The high today was only 72!

Watching Brady do his crazy body surfing stuff was a favorite...for all of us :)

Lexi was very impressed by the waves, but not enough to stand in them. Maybe on day 3? We'll see.

Watching the Dolphin do their stuff. There are massive amounts, they're everywhere! Tomorrow we hope to get right up next to them while we are kyaking.

It is so easy to LOVE this girl!

That last group of pictures kind of sums up how much she loved the beach by the end of the day!
And she's kinda crazy about her Mamma too!!! Ditto Baby!

                                                                            Snack Time

Til tomorrow!

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Big Happy Family said...

Welcome home!
Your pictures are stunning. Makes me miss California a little. So happy you had a good time, and are back home safely.

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