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Monday, August 9, 2010

Kayaking and the rest of the week at the beach

Pin It Well kayaking in the ocean was just a blast! We had to change things up a bit because of Bryans shoulder. He was worried about over extending it so he decided to stay back with Cassidy and Lexi while Brady, Rylee and I went off on our adventure. We were right along the sides of several Bottle Nose Dolphin, met a sweet harbor seal up close and personal, saw the most beautiful colored fish and sea stars, and rode some pretty fun waves. The remainder of our days at the beach were so fun and so relaxing. Lexi did sit in the sand and dig with her shovel but she never would stand in it, walk in it or touch it without lots of enthusiastic “help” from her sisters.

Brady and Dillon

Look who's touching sand??
Go back to day 1 or 2 post to see
How far she' come!

                           My 2 youngest girls
                               After a big wipe out

                   Oh my!! The sand touched me!!

                                                                    Finally trying to be like big sisters

Watching Brother
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Big Happy Family said...

Alright my friend, your blog rocks.... I am trying to pay someone money to create a blog as pretty as yours. Love the makeover!

jennifer said...

I've been looking at all your beach pics. Looks like a great time! So odd to see you all in jackets. It's so hot here and at our beach!!

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