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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Weekend!

Pin It There is nothing our girl enjoys more than the weekends! She is so crazy about her family and she is so tickled on Saturday morning when she gets up and everyone tells her they are staying home from school. I have never seen a child so in love with her family. She teaches us all so much. It gives me tears of joy when I see her face when the kids come home from school. There are days when I really could just disappear and she wouldn't notice because she is so busy following them around. (And bossing them around)On school days she howls HO.........Mm HO.........Mm when they have to leave for school or dance or gymnastics and she just wants them to stay home with her. She loves our family time. She just giggles and swings her little body all over the place when we are all together in one room.
These siblings of hers are nothing short of amazing, they make every minute together fun and playful. If I were her I would want them around 24/7 too. I knew that having a daughter this much younger than her other siblings was going to be fun and a blessing, I never even flinched when people would say "Are you sure? OR.. Are you crazy? OR...You've got it so easy now, why would you go and start over??" We knew that our daughter/sister was waiting for us in China and we couldn't wait to hear exactly where in China she was or when we could go get her. But...... I wasn't even close to envisioning the joy she would fill this family with, the blessings she would bring to us and others, the fun that was about to begin, the immeasurable amount of love that every one of us has for this little blessing from China. It's the weekend baby girl!! Put your party pants on cuz the kids and Daddy are staying HO.......Mm!

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Daisy Dreams said...

I just love that giggle!! How wonderful to have each other to spend time with!

Virginia said...

That little giggle is adorable! Kerry liked this video, too =).

Big Happy Family said...

The giggles are priceless! Those Hunan girls have brought unbelievable joy to their families for sure. Hope we see you Sunday!

Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh my word...Lexi has got to have the cutest giggle EVER!! I am still smiling over here. It's so true...our little China dolls are so full of life. Halainah is always happy and giggling. I wish everyone could feel the joy and love from the miracle of adoption like we have.

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