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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What vitamin makes your hair grow??

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Lexi drinks soooo much milk! She loves it and will guzzle 8 ounces at a time! She takes a childrens multi vitamin and she takes a couple of herbal things. What are we missing???? Surely something because this beautiful child can NOT grow hair! She will not eat meat (still) but she eats more green and orange veggies than any child I have ever known. And yet , still..... just a few whispy hairs is all she seems to have :)  That being said, sigh... She is the cutest bald toddler I have ever encountered! Pin It


sweet momma luv u said...

Oh yes indeed she is the most precious toddler with a beautiful bald head!

She is to stink'n cute Mary!!
Hope everything is going well. I am back in the blogging world....
Sorry I was absent for so long. I missed all of my friends terribly!


Big Happy Family said...

Love that pretty face! Can't wait to see her and take the girls out tomorrow!

Kate the Great: said...

She's so sweet...and if you look at the months before, she's definately growing hair on that cute little head....just at her own pace!!

jennifer said...

I could eat her up!! She is absolutely gorgeous!! My middle boy was bald until he was 2!! Have no idea why. He still has the thinnest hair of all of them and only needs a haircut half the time!!

You are absolutely right...she doesn't need hair to be adorable!!

KHM said...

Thanks for visiting us.

not to worry. JJ took forever to grow hair. Finally she did - and we have to get it cut every 6 weeks or she can't see through the bangs. It will happen.

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