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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Day Like No Other! Our Birthday Girl!

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We had Lexi's kitchen set up and ready for her when she woke up
Look at her little face!


After lots and lots of cooking and pretend eating the door bell rang

Lexi is a HUGE Kai Lan fan and she insisted that Mei Mei and Mr. Fluffy were baking her cake.

So of course she was saying thank you Mei Mei to our sweet pastry chef MICHELLE :)


Not sure why mommy won't let her have the big lollipops?

But really sad about it :(

Next came the balloons. 6 Blue, 6 pink, and a full bodied Kai Lan balloon about the size of a 3 year old!
She has been playing with that balloon all day!! (sorry no picture :(

After a great nap we were off to the party!

A Gymboree party, with the best party host on the planet (THANK YOU SUZY)

Lexi hammed it up for the party, she has opened up so much and is so brave and comical now!

Look at her leading the Birthday parade!! She was being such a big girl!

Loving every part of her party, especially having everyone she loves there!


I think this was her favorite activity!

All our guests were so much fun, totally enjoying this special time with their kids!

Moving on the the cake!
Blowing out candles is pure joy for Lexi!

I'm ready

Let's eat :)




More play time!

saying Good Bye's

When we got home it was almost 8pm, way past Little Lexi's bed time.
That did not stop her from getting right to preparing the next meal!

With new bowls, new pots and pans, so much to do!!

Ughhh, she thinks she's a puppy???

I'm tired! Off to bed I go. Happy Birthday Baby cakes, I hope it was a day like no other!

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DiJo said...

We wish we could have been there to celebrate Lexi's big day too!!!!! HAPPY Belated Birthday Beautiful Lexi!

The R Family

Tina Michelle said...

Awww, that looks so super awesome! Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady! I am loving that skirt and that kitchen set looks amazing!

Big Happy Family said...

Lexi, loved being able to celebrate your birthday with you! You are the sweetest 2 year old ever. Love you.

Bonnie Brentnall said...

Hi Lexi,
I know you have a wonderful birthday. Mary , she is such a big girl with her own kitchen. So sweet. Happy Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, happy belated birthday cute Lexie! Looks like a fun party, and I love the kitchen set.

Gin =)

TanyaLea said...

What joyous photos of Lexi's special day!! :) From the Birthday Parade, to her adorable and yummy-looking cake, to her lovely mama-made b-day tutu, to her fun PBK kitchen and table set (LOVE-it, btw!!) ~ looks like she has the PERFECT 2nd Birthday... what a BLESSING she is! <><

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

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