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Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello Kitty

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Today Quincie called to say she was coming for a visit and she was bringing her new kitty! Lexi has seen a few nieghborhood adult cats before, but never a kitten. Her face was priceless when she heard a meow come from the travel box.

                                             She was ready to pick her up immediately!

                           As gentle as she tried to be..........kitty didn't quite appreciate ~the Love~

            That didn't bother Lexi! She was going to hunt kitty down and love on her some more!

                   I don't think kitty will be visiting often :) She was a little freaked out by this much love :) Pin It


The Hunt Family said...

Gracious!! Her little face is just precious!!!

jennifer said...

That's so sweet love!! The look on her face is adorable!!

jennifer said...

I meant "some sweet love" :)

Big Happy Family said...

Both of those babies are too cute! Lexi looks like she had so much fun, and the kitty, none too worse for the wear!

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