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Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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We are having so much fun with the Holiday season! Life is crazy busy right now and yet somehow we are making the most of every second and having a blast! Friday the baking began and it did not end until about 11pm Sunday night when I finally got the last of the crusty icing off the granite table top. I think it is safe  to say that Lexi loves this time of year too! She really got in to the baking and she was so patient waiting for things to bake and things to cool and so forth.
Don' you love how she thought the cookie cutters were bracelets!

I love her little dimple!

She thinks candy canes are one of the greatest inventions yet!

Finally the dough was done chilling!!

She continues to amaze me with her lengthy attention span!

I tried everything to get her to taste some cookie dough, she wasn't about to!

Until finally I gave her a little tiny cup of it (it's behind this big bowl)

Seriously?? Could this child be any more beautiful? Just sayin!

Really getting the hang of it now. (Remeber, she has her own bowl)

On Sunday Brady had a TNT competition bright and early!
He is getting so good at this sport and we all love watching him!

Looking more and more like a teenager :( sigh!) Turning 12 in just a few months, double sigh...

There is nothing he would not do for his sister, and without a complaint! TRUE LOVE

Shouting Bubba! Bubba! Bubba, all morning long! Yep she named her brother Bubba!

Her hair really is coming in now, really it is. See how long it is when it has static :)

Off to get her hand stamped one more time by the ticket sales person, just for fun :)

Such a big girl in her sweats and boots!!!

We have more fun coming up than I can hardly wait for, including grandma's week long visit, Lexi's Birthday party on Sunday!!! Then her real Birthday on Monday and a trip to Disneyland and Christmas!!!

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Canada to China and back! said...

O.k I could totally eat her with a spoon! It sounds like the holidays and birthday's are in full swing at your house! I love the first picture!


Big Happy Family said...

Oh my, love your cookies, thank you, and love that Lexi is learning to be such a great cook, just like her mama...And Brady, those pics are amazing! You rock....
See you tomorrow.

Virginia said...

She coudn't be any cuter if she tried! Love her in that little chef's hat. Looks like she really enjoys helping out in the kitchen.

Gin =)

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