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Friday, April 13, 2012

Super Ivy!

Pin It Just a quick update, I hope to have longer ones and lots of pictures this weekend.

But for now, Ivy was taken off the ventilator this morning. She held her own all day. They are now starting cpap treatments every 4 hours just as a preventative measure. She is more awake but not awake.. if that makes sense? The real Ivy is not back yet, still in a daze.

She is bloated!! Not with fluid, with air. Her little baby tummy that is usually the boniest flattest tummy I have ever seen is the size of a VW Bug :(  If she does not look better in the morning they will have to do a procedure that requires sticking another tube down her throat! Oh Lord please let her toot or burp or whatever it is that will relieve her of this miserable froggy belly!!

Sweet baby girl takes it all on like a super hero as usual.

 Thank you for your prayers!!!!! Pin It


Luciana said...

Oh Sweet Super Baby! :( She's been through so much. She's so strong. I can't wait to see her running around. Her sister will have a wonderful life with this little super companion.
God bless you all.

Sandra said...

Glad for good news! Praying that she gets tummy relief without any more tubes! Sandra - mommy to Macy from Hangzhou

The Harlicka Family said...

Sweet Ivy, we are praying for you so you hopefully don't have to have another tube put down your throat again sweet girl! Of course the girl's got the giggles when they found out we were praying for toots or burps! :) Praying she has a wonderful, stress free day today!
Kendall, Todd, Avery & Chloe

KandK said...

Sweet Ivy Joy is still very much in all our hearts and prayers! Can't wait to see her with those big beautiful eyes wide open:)Praying for more great news today!
God Bless,

sierrasmom said...

Thank you so much for the updates. I check in VERY often to see how she is doing!!! I love seeing the pictures of h ow she is progressing!!! Continued prayers coming your way!!!

Tracee said...

I hope Ivy can work that trapped air/gas out on her own, but it's not very likely. It requires movement and she's not quite there yet. I can tell you from experience that it HURTS and it moves from the belly to the chest and HURTS WORSE! Almost as bad as surgery and nothing short of knocking you out will relieve the pain. I've had over a dozen abdominal surgeries. I've been checking on Ivy every day...many times a day and just keep hoping she turns that big corner. Hang in there mom!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that gas from the air they put in you can be soooo painful!!! I sure hope she has done something by now! That pain can last for a week. I'll as tooting to my prayers! ;o)

I can't wait to read a longer post and see pictures. Prayers are still coming strong!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Super IVY JOY!! Wonder GIRL!! hope this bloating leaves and you can start on the road to getting better !God Loves You so much,sweet one ! in prayer, Cathy in Illinois

Kristi said...

Praying for sweet Ivy!!

3 Peanuts said...

Hi Mary,

I am just checking in on lil Ivy. I am so glad to hear that she is making progress. I pray for her and I look forward to seeing God's BIG plans for her life.


Bebe said...

So glad to see several posts of encouraging news - we will pray for toots!

Princess D said...

Oh, that poor belly. . .wish we could toot and burp for you and make it go away quickly!!!
Keep up the work Super Ivy, we'll be in your cheer section hooting, hollering and praying for you!!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO thankful things are going well!!! Also praying her tummy goes down! XOXO

Paige said...

Checking back frequently today for progress with the tummy and for more pictures as promised by her mommy. Can't wait to see the picture of her running with family. Sounds like from others that tummy can be painful so prayers that her medical team, including the ultimate physician can find a way to resolve it without any more pain.

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