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Friday, March 15, 2013

A date with the princesses

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Today was our lunch at Ariels Grotto. A princess lunch! Lexi was so excited to meet Ariel! We went to dress Ivy in her Cinderella Dress and she said, Uh... No Tanks Princess Dress!! NO TANKS!! And that was that. When Ivy says, no tanks... she means business!
I could tell from the moment she woke up that she was not feeling great. She looked puffy and she was moving very stiff. She picked out her ultra puffy pink petti instead! We planned on heading to California Adventure to ride rides before lunch but Ivy had us too worried so we stayed at the hotel until 11. We rode the Ariel Adventure Ride and the merry go round and then headed to our 11:40 lunch. I think Ariels Adventure might just be Ivy's favorite ride yet. She had just watched the Little Mermaid movie a few days prior to our trip, so like Lexi, she was really in to it!

 The princesses were introduced one by one and then came right to our table. Snow white was the fairest of them all hahah..

 You can see how quickly Ivy's face is swelling up.

She didn't touch her lunch and was pretty much ready to go from the moment we sat down.

             Lexi was having the time of her life.

The moment little Ivy was back in her stroller she was asleep. We spent the whole day at the hotel. Ivy slept for over 4 hours. Poor baby was not feeling well.

 While Ivy slept, the 2 bigs who are with us spent some time at the parks riding the ~big kid~ rides and Lexi and I took a walk in the garden and played outside the hotel at Downtown Disney. 

                 My little Chinese Alice :)

Daddy napped with Ivy Joy. He dislocated his shoulder in his sleep the night before we left for disney and we had spent our sleeping hours in the ER getting his shoulder popped back in place.... So  this nap was much needed catch up for him! As you can see by the photo, even while sleeping, she runs the show!

And later that evening when Ivy woke up, we took her out to watch the parade. She absolutely loved it!! I know you can't tell by he somber face, but once it started she was all smiles. I could not take my eyes off of her and her delight as all of the characters danced and the music blared. Lexi slept through the entire thing. We were right under a speaker.. (LOUD) and she just slept!!

You can see how quickly she puffed up :(

I wish I was this beautiful when ~puffy~

I was able to get quite a bit of fluid off her that night and by the following morning she was quite a bit better. 

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your posts-almost like being there. Love the outfits and all the attention to every detail. You are amazing- so much easier to stay home in a protected
environment and you choose to bring so much joy to your little girls-stepping out and giving them a trip to the happiest place ever! Well done Mom and Dad! Even with an ER and a sore shoulder. Truly parents of the year!
Marilyn in SC

Catherine said...

Such adorable outfits on your kiddos. Sorry for the puffy Ivy. Hope she was feeling much better after the puffiness went down.

It's crazy how kiddos can sleep through parades and fireworks! Hannah has been to fireworks 6 times at Disney and seen them...once!

So glad you've been able to enjoy time at the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Big Happy Family said...

Oh my she is beautiful! Just catching up.

Big Happy Family said...

Oh my she is beautiful! Just catching up.

Fannie said...

Those girls of yours sure are
Beautiful! These pics just make me smile!! :) I don't know who is luckier, those beautiful girls to have you guys or your family to have them! God does amazing work doesn't he??

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