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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Pin It I thought I would just post really quick updates mostly for the kids that are not with us, thus naming each post a page number. Well it seems silly now. You know me, I write in chapters and can never post less than a dozen photos. So enough with the explanations, here is day 2 :)

Lexi thought Aladdin's crunchy hair was hilarious! She even had him cracking up from her contagious giggle! 

And, since Aladdin is human, Ivy allowed him to get near her. She really does love to see the characters, she just doesn't like them to come up next to her for a picture. 

Still going on about Aladdin's hair..... wig lol.

Ivy discovered drum sticks today! She devoured a few chicken legs. Lexi does not eat meat so this was different for us. Every time a character came near she would start munching on her chicken so they could not "get it". So funny how she is with her food! She is still not keen on photos with the characters so you are stuck with photos with her and her chicken!

Both the girls love all the rides. 
Neither are afraid of any of them. 
Lexi is tall enough for Gadgets Go Coaster in Toontown (must be 35") but that is the only fast ride from both parks that she could go on. She was really hoping to ride the big kid rides, so we made a big deal about the Toontown coaster as her very first roller coaster ride!

The park has been quite crowded and Ivy tires after just a few hours there so we are feeling incredibly grateful for our assisted guest pass that allows us to walk right on the rides with her. I think the longest she has waited for any ride is 5 minutes! 

We usually spend time with everyone in the morning and then head back so Ivy can rest. Bryan takes Brady back to the park if both girls are napping, or Brady and Rylee stay there to ride the wild rides.  Rylee usually takes Lexi to the pool if just Ivy is napping. I won't kid you, It has been a lot of work! Medications, stay out of the sun, keep Ivy rested, keep her hydrated, time for meds again.... but I have to say, every second has been so worth it! If not for the monorail and staying right on the property we probably could not have made this work. This trip has been a reminder of how fragile our girl still is. But oh my, what a wonderful time she is having!

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dawn said...

It's so funny that the, tiny mini but mighty, is such a food hog. LOL

Lexi just seems so so happy wth all the characters, how fabulous. What a wonderful escape for everyone, even if it is so trying. You are amazing!

Betty said...

It is so incredibly heartwarming to see those beautiful little girls having such a wonderful time!

Aus said...

HOORAH - so glad that it's a great trip!!

hugs - aus and co.

Rachel said...

I'm so glad you all are having a great time!

Anonymous said...

So happy you are having a good time despite all meds and downtime needed for LITTLE MISSY-- love the pics of IVY chicken eater ----adorable!! Love how joyful Lexi is,too !! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Catherine said...

Such sweet pictures. t's wonderful to hear how well Ivy is doing and that Lexi is loving every moment of your trip!!

Big Happy Family said...


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