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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Feb? March? Slow down!

Pin It Is it really almost Easter?

Time is just slipping away from us due to all the busyness! 
We had a wonderful week with company visiting! Lexi was absolutely precious with our guests as usual and had Baby Zoe mesmerized with her constant singing :)

Zoe attempting to peel Lexi's face off!

Ivy fell asleep in the car so she slept through our quick little little photo shoot. She has been very tired still. Healing is hard work!

 Little Miss Lexi had a fun day celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday at her awesome Pre School!

Her adorable teacher dressed up as Thing 1

Lexi thought it was very funny!

             I honestly could eat this girl with a spoon!

Time to put this cat in the closet and get out some Disney gear!! Just a couple more days till we head out to meet the Big Mouse himself!!
The girls are screaming with excitement and are even excited about the long car ride! Stay tuned for lots of cute pictures as we head to the happiest place on earth! Can't wait! Pin It


sierrasmom said...

I love Lexi's Dr. Seuss outfit...adorable....have a great time!

katrina said...

Great outfit. I love it

jennifer said...

Love that precious outfit!!!
Have an amazing time at Disney!!!!

deborah said...

Oh, my word! Where did you get that adorable Dr. Zeuss outfit? Sooo cute! :)
Have fun on your trip to Disney. Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Aus said...

You think you couldn't be more cute -
then you wear that clever Seussy suit -
the fun you'll have the fun you'll know -
when it's off to Disney - go Go GO!

(When I was in college we used to celebrate Geisel's Birthday by talking like that all day long!! Good to know I've still got the "touch"!!)

hugs - love this - have fun -

aus and co.

anne said...

Lexi is just so beautiful!

Sara said...

So excited for you to have some fun together!!! Disney sounds like the perfect trip with your sweet girls:) We are still covered in snow :/
Lexi is so cute! I LOVE her Seuss outfit! It is so darling!!! I'd love to know where it's from if you get a minute ;)
Sara :)

Anonymous said...

Cannot wait to see the girls enjoying DISNEY!!! Our daughter always loved it when she was younger!! The girls are at a great age for it!!Wishing safe driving and wonderful memories to be made at Disney!! Happiness, Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!!

Lori in Texas said...

A friend of mine worked at Disney for a while and said if your child wants to get picked to dance with the princesses at a princess breakfast, then she should be dressed like a princess and really try to stand out. From what I've read in your blog, Miss Lexi might like to have that chance. :-)

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