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Monday, May 13, 2013

Ivy's language explosion, Talking with the littles

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I wike the bumps in the road mommy! Do you wike the bumps in the road?
I do like them Ivy! I wonder if Daddy likes them? 
Dada, do you wike the bumps in the road? 
I do like them Ivy!
Mama.. mama! Dada wikes the bumps in the road too!!! 

At gymnastics today. 
Mama, wheres Wexi? 
She's right there on the balance beam. 
I see her mama, I see her! Wexi's doing gymnastics! She's doing weally weally good! I'm proud of her mama! I wike watching Wexi doin weally good gymnastics! I weally wike it!

Ohh mama, you washed my blankie! Thank you! 
Ohh mama, you made my oatmeal just right! Thank you!

What's wrong mama?
Nothing's wrong baby, why do you ask?
You wook sad mama. You missing dada?
Come here mama, wet me gib you a hug!! (patting my back in the most precious way!)

Mama, I'm missin Minnie Mouse today. I want to go back to Disneyland to see Minnie Mouse! I want to give her a kiss and hug! 
You do? What about chip and Dale?
No no no! Chickendale try's to eat my chicken! ChickenDales a naughty naughty boy! He's weally mean!

Mama, what are you looking for? 
Im looking for the peanut butter.
For Lexi?
No, for Brady.
Well, I'm sorry you can't find it mama. Don't worry. When Dada gets home dada will help you find it, don't worry!

I'm sitting here right now typing and she is in her chair eating rice with chopsticks. I can NOT eat rice with chopsticks! I can not even eat an egg roll with chopsticks unless I poke it! 

A random woman walked passed us today. Never saw her before, didn't exchange any words with her, nothing. 2 minutes later she walked back up to us and said, That's a walking miracle right there, a walking miracle! If she only knew how right she is!

Her belly is flat, no edema whatsoever. The days, each one after the other are bringing more activity. She is gaining weight. She is happy and bossy and funny and a little stinker at times! 

I don't know what tomorrow or next week or next month will bring, but today, the right here and now... IS SUCH A GIFT!!!


Mommy, you know what? 
God gave me a sister so I would never feel alone.
Your right baby, he sure did!
And that's why Ivy and I both have black hair. Because He wanted us to look alike so everyone would get us mixed up!

Mommy do you remember when daddy wasn't using his head and he said they don't make surf boards in Arizona? 
Oh yep, I remember that.
Ya, me too! Daddy sure is a cwazy dad!

Mommy your the best mommy in the whole world! And daddy is the best daddy in the whole world! And I'm the best daughter in the whole world!

Mommy remember when you said, doing our best is more important than being the best?
I sure do!
Well, you were wrong... Today Miss Vanessa said my toes were pointed the best and it felt important!
Oh dear :(

Mommy,  Ivy wants to wisten to wobble again. I know your ears are tired of the same song over and over, but try and remember that she is just a baby and she needs this time to relax!

Hi mommy!
So.... I was wondering.... Is this CD Yours?
Well, I was wondering if I could use it to trace circles?
Thanks Mommy, Your a great share er.. and your setting a great example! 
(I think she must have heard that a few times before..)


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Those were a riot and precious all at the same time!

Lexi explaining about Ivy being a baby and needing to listen to her song again to relax was so sweet! Oh they all were, what am I saying?!

Praying still for you guys!

Sue said...

great post. Ivy looks so much better now. So glad she is feeling better and you can have these conversations with Lexi and Ivy

Heather H. said...

Warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart. :-)

Jboo said...

So sweet -- delighted to hear this happy news. Those two are so adorable!

Aus said...

Yeah - life is very very good!

hugs - prayer always -

aus and co.

Paige said...

Love this, they are so precious. Ivy still has so many prayers said for her daily, what a blessing to watch God at work from afar!

jennifer said...


Jamie Lynn said...

I wonder how many time you had to stop to laught when you were writing this. My daughter is almost 2-1/2 and doesn't stop talking or asking questions...EVER! In the car this morning I caught myself saying I wish you would be quiet just one morning and then I thought I will miss this when she is older and doesn't want to talk to me. Enjoy every moment with your girls, each day is a precious gift.

Anonymous said...

So, so CUTE!! ~Holly

Anonymous said...


Amy P. said...

What FUN girlies!!! My prayers continue for your family!

Renate said...

Lexi is just stunning. Sweet Ivy is looking so good. Really happy for this post.

Jo said...

Pure sweetness!!!


Jane Doe said...

Chickendale cracks me up every time I think of it. Glad to read that her health is improving and that your little family is chugging along!

Keisha said...

Wove it! So so sweet! ;)

Tera said...

So much sweetness!!

sierrasmom said...

So so cute!!

Annette Duty said...

You are so blessed with such amazing little girls! We pray for Ivy's health and for all of your continued strength and peace. It was so brief seeing you at Ivy's party - we'd love to do a play date one weekend when you're free. Just give me a shout. Take care and always enjoy every second! Sometimes I just sit and watch Alexandria for a long time and she just amazes me in each moment. We are blessed Mamas!!

Big Happy Family said...

I love the free spirit and the rule follower. How cute are they? And love the pic of all of the girls going to the father daughter dance. Adorable!

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