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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Night & Day

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Oh the difference between our two Littles...

Ivy Joy is very much a free spirit! She runs her own show, floats her own boat, and moves to her own beat! She makes messes one would never imagine possible with just a tiny amount of food scraps. She is loud and when you ask her to be quiet she tells you in her loudest voice how quiet she is going to be and then continues telling everyone around her (who are making NO noise) to be quiet and to see how quiet she is being :)
She wakes up every morning with a smile, saying good morning mommy, I'm so happy, Im so hungry, Im thirsty too! Every morning! She wakes up early, skips nap and goes to bed early!

She has no problem telling us NO. And she does not budge for any amount of bribery or threat. 
I'm not walking without your hand mommy, I'm NOT!!! I don't want to! I'm not walking!
I'm not going in the pool mommy! I don't like getting wet! I don't want to get wet! 

She has a great amount of trust for us. She does not go to strangers, but she will stay with a babysitter and tell the sitter the whole while that mommy will be back soon. She will holler, Mommy don't leave, mommy I want to come too! But then she does fine and is happy while we are gone. 

She talks about food, eating and more food all of her awake hours. She would rather have a conversation about different foods than about anything else. She would be happy to sit in her highchair or stand in the learning tower all day, grazing on unhealthy snacks! She does not like milk. And she will tell you how much she does not like milk with her arms folded! 

She likes to take things apart. If something breaks.... it's no big deal to her! She just says I'm sorry, please forgive me and moves on. And if someone else accidentally breaks something, she still says I'm sorry, please forgive me.

She loves to go bye bye. From the moment she finishes breakfast she is ready to get dressed and get in the car. She doesn't care where we go, she just wants to go. And when we get back home and pull in the garage she says, I want to keep going!

She rarely plays with her toys. (unless her sister has it....) She has to be persuaded to play at all. 

She is silly. She likes to make people laugh. 
Yet she is serious, she does not like slapstick type humor. If her brother pretends to fall or run in to something or whatever, she will act very serious and ask you if he is ok and if he needs a hug and a kiss. Not even a crack of a smile! Yet if he did some slobber noise she would crack up! 

She does NOT like sippy cups. Not of any type! She never has. She likes big open cups and water bottles. She does not spill a drop when she drinks. She is very neat at feeding herself. The messes she makes are just purposeful messes. Hey, I think I will see if I can take this cooked bean and turn it in to an 8x8 finger painting on the table! Success every time! 
She likes to eat with chopsticks. She is very patient when learning new skills. She is not competitive. She likes to be the center of attention. 

She loves purses and jewelry. She loves lotion and bubble baths with no bubbles (She just likes saying bubble bath :)
She would rather shop for food than a toy!

Lexi is our rule follower. She is our perfectionist. She does not like to be bad at anything. She worries about things like being abandoned and being alone. Not having a mommy and a daddy. This breaks my heart!

She wakes up every night between 2 and 4am comes up stairs all by herself using her ladybug dream light, goes to the bathroom and then jumps right in our bed and falls right back to sleep. 

She likes to sleep late in the morning, take naps, and stay up late. 

She wakes up singing every morning. I can always tell when she is awake because I hear singing coming from behind my closed bedroom door.

She gets very upset if something breaks, even if it was not hers. She gets upset if she see's or hears of someone doing something that she knows is wrong. 

She would stay home for days at a time, never leaving the house and be as happy as can be with that. 

She does not like to act silly (she is SO proper!) but she LOVES slapstick humor. You can get the most amazing belly roll laughter from her just by falling and I mean even if it was not on purpose! She loves the old cartoon humor like Tom and Jerry and the old disney cartoons. She will laugh hysterically if you bump your head or trip! 
She looks in disgust at things like dirty faces, holes in jeans, spit bubbles, crazy bed head, anything dirty... (feet, hands and so forth) 

She could care less about food. She actually finds it to be more of a nuisance than anything. She would not eat breakfast lunch or dinner if it was not offered to her. She could live on milk. She would rather have a carnation instant breakfast drink for every meal! She does not like fries, would NEVER eat fast food and does not like meat of any kind. She is picky! Before she eats anything, she asks if it is healthy! 

She is quiet. She is calm and easy going. Unless she is crying... then she is 
loud! Thank goodness she is happy 99% of the time!
She loves to dance, jump rope and swing. She loves a good challenge. She likes to win.
She loves to play with her toys. 

She still prefers a sippy cup over an open cup. 

She does not like messes! She is a neat freak, folds everything or puts it on a hanger! She can even make her bed. 
She loves to help out. 

She loves to swim. She just learned to swim alone this week and she is now a total fish in the water!

She loves clothes and shoes and bathing suits! She would rather shop for a new dress or a bathing suit than a toy!


They both are SO LOVING! So Affectionate! So kind! 
They are both filled with joy all of the time and they look out for one another. 
They both love to sing and to talk! They never stop talking! They both love Disney's Little Einsteins. They both love princesses, mermaids and Minnie Mouse! They both love to paint and go on the Merry go round! They both love hair pretties and perfume! They both love to have their hair blow dried and they both love all things that sparkle! They both love books! They both love sharing a room. They both ask for the other as soon as one is missing. They both love special daddy time!  They both love special sister time! They both love each other!

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Dardi said...

I love how the pictures capture just what you're describing! They are sweet punkins!! :o)

dawn said...

Such sweeties.

Renate said...

So Sweet. Wonderful post.

Betty said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Betty said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Betty said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Paige said...

PRECIOUS!!!! What jewels you have. Madeline has just stopped checking on me every single night at exactly 2am. She has needed to know I am there since the day we brought her home at 10 months old. So sad and and so very precious all at the same time. Sweet little Lexi, just working it all out in her mind....I know it has been a tough year for her but she knows she has the best Mommy and Daddy ever!!!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- you and your family are so blessed to have those two little cutie-pies. Love this!


anne said...

beautiful beautiful girls!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for whom our blessings come --these 2 add so much to your family!! God Bless,Cathy in Illinois!!!

Catherine said...

Precious sisters. Precious friends. I love how God makes each of us so unique!

a portland granny said...

Such precious little girlies!! Thank you for sharing them with us. Love how you describe each of them along with the darling pictures!


Carrie G. in MN said...

Oh my gosh - SUCH a sweet, fun and interesting post! Both girls are as cute as can be!

jennifer said...

Oh I love this post! So amazing how different these sisters are! We know a little about that at our house too :). They are precious!!

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