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Saturday, January 4, 2014

hip hip hooray!

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Today was Ivy's first day OFF Sildenofil!
Sildenofil is her medication for pulmonary hypertension. We need her off of this drug for a month before measuring her pressures again in her February heart catheterization. This is a HUGE step for her. This mama is nervous!!! I already feel like I see effects of her not being on it today and I could be completely phsyco but I'm just being honest. Her color looked different (bluish), her walk was cautious, her energy was low and appetite was small. I am holding on to hope that her body is adjusting and she will continue to thrive without it. None the less, my eyes are wide open and my mama antennas are pulled as high as they can go. We have an echo next week, labs the following and then NOTHING until we head to California in early February! 
The weather is gorgeous here! I think that's not the case for many of you so enjoy these photos of our girls enjoying their favorite Christmas gift... snow in the driveway, while all the grass is green in the background! We are far from snowed in here :)

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