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Monday, November 9, 2009

Referral Day

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With Joy in our hearts, Celebration on our lips, and Praise to our God, we announce the referral of our precious daughter~
Princess Baby Cakes!
Birthday~ Dec. 13, 2008

12 pounds, 24 inches

Province~ Hunan

Orphanage~ HengYang City

Welcome to the family Lexi.
We are so in LOVE
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Melissa Williams said...

Oh you guys!! I am crying....she is precious! What an absolute blessing! God is good ALL the time. What Faithful servants you are. Lexi could not be going to a better home!

Janice said...

Praise, praise, praise! I know first hand the overwhelming joy you're feeling. I pray now that Lexi will know in her heart that you are her parents when she first sees you. It's an amazing bond that God can create between a parent and child who was conceived on the other side of the world! I am so happy for you!
Love, your 'Cousin', Jan :]

Alan Watt said...

What a truly awesome day for the Sammons family! You guys are an inspiration with your patience and faith in Jesus Christ. I can't wait to meet the new addition to the family

Lynn Watt said...

Congratulation Sammons family. The long awaited time is finally here. You guys truly are an inspiration to us all. We can't wait to meet Lexi and tell her what a great addition she is to an awsome family.We love you all.

The Hunt Family said...

Yeah!! Lexi is a blessed little girl to be coming come to such an amazing family!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!
We love you guys!

Emily said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats!

Donna and Joe said...

Hi Mary,

Joe and I are SO excited for you! Lexi looks like such a sweet and precious little baby. Those cheeks are very pinchable!

How old will Lexi be when you meet her? You're going to have such an amazing trip to China. I will never ever forget every detail of the day we met's truly an incredible experience.

E-mail me at if you need any advice on what to bring on your trip.

Donna :)

Diane and John said...

I am sooo excited for you! My husband and I were in the same travel grp as Donna and Joe and we had such a terrific time! Your daughter is beautiful!! We wish you the very best! Visit our blog
The Great Wall was Awesome...stair climbing was interesting!

Ava Baby said...

Congratulations!! Lexi is so beautiful. On the FCC site you mentioned she is from Hunan- I too have a spicy girl from Hunan- beautiful, beautiful babies!
Best of luck!
Michele & Ava

trina said...

Yippee!! Lexi is so precious. What a beautiful baby girl. Can't wait to hear more about her. We have a "lexi"..actually Alexis but I still call her Lexi. I love that name! I heard your news on the fabric swap yahoo group. Hope you get the quilt made soon. I'm still collecting for our three China kiddos. trina
mom of 6

Ladyblog said...

Congrats on your precious little one.... she is adorable!

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