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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There's something about LUCY......

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Every time we go to eat at Lucy's Lexi does the most Gigantic up the back poopy ever! Since she is such a sweety she waits until Daddy asks for the check...but none the less she does this every time! I know TMI but hey, just keeping it real! So.... since Little Miss Poopy Pants keeps having these massive Blow Outs, we have had no choice but to send some of her things to the laundry service. I have been trying to avoid this since the things Bryan and I have sent have come back much different than the way we sent them. Bryan's white shirts are now dark gray, with hints of blue and purple. Well just as I thought, Lexi's clothes came back a totally different color as well. Some of it rather tie dyed looking! So, much to my dismay... oh so sad about this... my girls at home will be too... LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE TO DO A LITTLE MORE SHOPPING WHEN I GET HOME! Bummer NOT!

As for the shopping here, not much I couldn't live without. I have had a terrible time even finding a simple souvenir for my kids. I'm glad they have asked that I just bring them home a baby sister! We can do that!

Today we went to the wet market. It was going to be Bryan only but he thought it was so amazing he just had to rush back to get Lexi and I. Wow what a sweety! It was GROSS!

I mean it was soooo interesting?? Many many animals for sale. Fresh! Really fresh! You pick the animal, they bring it right back for you. Oh my word were there ever a lot of different things! And a lot of different smells. Ones I don't care to ever smell again. I have posted photos so you can feel like you were there with us!

Tomorrow (your today) is our Consulate appointment. We never got a response to any of our emails so we are showing up and getting on our knees if they say come back when you have your baby's passport.

P.S Tanya lea, thank you for all your sweet comments! You are such a doll and I absolutely love reading them.

Jenny, thank you for your prayers! We will be home soon. I know you would probably love to see your husband again, I am so sorry this has taken so long. Please stay off your feet and call us when we get home so we can help out with meals and the house. Jen, I loved talking to you and John today. Give Mikey a big smooch for me! Mission CC, thank you all for lifting us up in prayer, taking over my Taxi service with the kids and for being our Arizona Family! We love and appreciate you so much! Janice, thank you for your support, your sweet txt and emails and for giving up your evenings to get Rylee to dance! I know you would much rather read your book where there are no screaming kids! We love you. Watt Family, you are amazing. You have so much on your plate already and yet you have gone totally out of your way to make sure my son has boy time and away time. And as if that were not enough you have spent time at the house with the kids, driven mounds of times to dance (even on Saturdays), and blessed my family with your love and your time! Thank you!! Nat, my BFF, I love you girl! I miss you so much. You know I'm crying right now and I know you are too so no more said! Kim, my sis, you have kept me afloat. You have lifted me up when I felt I would sink and you have supported me and built me up through all of this. I love you so much. I am so blessed. Mom, thank you for holding the family together. For giving up a month and putting up with all of this! For loving me and letting me follow my heart. My kids, Oh how I miss you! I love you so much and I am soooo very proud to be your mom. You have been so amazing during this time. Helping each other supporting each other, Q driving everyone everywhere. All of you have made this so much easier because of your amazing Faith and Hope and Strength. You are such amazing children and such blessings to our family!

God is Good, ALL the time!

Cutie pie

first shoulder ride


Ride em cowgirl

Cage free

chicken feet

chicken heads

chicken parts

half price pig


Papa John's

Rice on a bike

Rows of chicken

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The Griffin Family said...

I haven't read your blog in a while. I knew you were leaving for China, and didn't realize you were still there. Lexi is adorable, and I know how thrilled you are to be there with her! My prayers are with you that you'll all be able to come home soon.

sweet momma luv u said...

Too Hilarious.... I am so glad though that she is not constipated! I was wondering about the laundry services there. Not good.... I guess we will take clothes we don't really care about.

Shopping?!!! How much fun a mom after my own heart!!
Praying that the meeting happens tomorrow for CA.

Blessings and hugs,

The Hansen Family said...

Don't worry about us, we're fine
LOVING the pics! She just gets happier and happier. :)

And yeah, that market looks nasty...

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