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Monday, November 30, 2009

1 Week Home!

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We are home! It has been a week, the fastest week of my life! We are so happy to be home. Lexi did wonderful on the long flight home. She only had one poopykins on the plane ride. It was the short flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai and there were some empty seats so Bryan just took her back there and changed her. He then brought her back to me, said he was going to go pack up the diaper bag and throw away the diaper but he never came back! Yep he ditched us. I guess he figured if she did one of those stinkers again he wanted to be far away! Haha! No really, he said he just didn't want to disturb the people trying to get back to his seat. Right?? Funny guy! The flight to SanFrancisco she had no bad diapers, was just as happy and playful as can be, quite the celebrity too! I think all the flight attendants wanted to take a break so they could visit with this little hunny! With all the flirting and attention grabbing she was busy doing, she hardly slept at all so we were pretty darn tired when we got in to Phoenix. She did cry out at take off and landing and was really pulling on those ears. Once home she did amazing meeting her sibblings and Grandma. She was going to them by that evening. By midnight she still was crying every time we tried to lay her down and her ears were so red from pulling on them. We headed to the all night pediatric urgent care and found out she had a double ear infection. By 5 am we were home, medicine taken, warm bottle and asleep! (For a few hours anyway)

We had lots of family come in for Thanksgiving so there have been many new faces, new voices and new things going on. Baby Cakes has taken in all in like a little tourist! She is so social, so friendly, so happy, so funny and sooooo sweet! She does not like people to get too close when we are outside of the home but when we are home she feels safe and secure. She knows who her family is, she loves her family!

2 weeks of having Lexi in our arms and here is what she can now do.

Pick up food with pointer and thumb and put it in mouth

wave bye bye in both the baby up down way and the princess side to side way

play patty cake and sing catty K catty K over and over

say mama, dada, bubu, baba

click her tongue

smack her lips

make a kissy face

gets up on her knees but still not going anywhere

eating lots of baby veggies

bops bunny on the head during little bunny foofoo

loves her bath more than anything

sleeping in her own bed (crib)

Likes her carseat and riding in the car for short times

turns pages and loves books

does all the pages of pat the bunny

will sit for long periods of time just playing on the floor with her toys

loves loves loves music

loves to dance and to watch the girls dance

when we do songs with motions she does the motions to the upcoming parts as soon as she hears the right words

her memory is amazing!

We just love our little girl!!

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sweet momma luv u said...

What a cutie patoutie she is!!! It is so neat to see how she is fitting in with the family.

Love all the fun things she is doing! How old is she?


TanyaLea said...

Oh how wonderful to see you home with your sweet girl. That beautiful nursery needed an occupant!! :)

Love hearing how well Lexi is doing! Praising God along with you for your precious little bundle of Love!!! <><


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