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Monday, November 9, 2009

What We Know About Lexi

Pin It A little About Lexi

This is the information on Lexi’s Growth Report from the orphanage

Lexi was born on December 13, 2008
This age is a guestimate since she was about 4 months old when she was found.
After no luck finding any birthparent she was taken to the Hengyang City Orphanage Where she currently lives.
Her Chinese name is Niu Yoa (They call her Yoa Yoa, pronounced yow yow.) Pin It


Grimes Family said...

Dropping by from RQ... beautiful, beautiful daughteer~! Our Jiangxi girl was in foster care, and we were thrilled... til we realized on gotcha day that she was everybit institutionalized. Flat head,, barely able to sit up... (12 mos.)the good news is how quickly they catch up! Love is a very powerful force. 5 months later she is running around, climbing stairs, talking up a storm, and just plain awsome! Hold on, you're about to take the ride of your life!

Anonymous said...

My daughter was 16 mos old when we got her and she spent her time in China in 2 orphanages. I prayed and prayed for foster care and God did not grant that. She came sleeping through the night and attached to me like nobody's business, and she has quite an immune system. Let me encourage you that God can use orphanages for good. Your baby is precious and I can only assume she is loved by many. Congratulations!

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