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Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's time for swimming and hanging with sis!

Pin It She loves the pool!
All Smiles and Giggles!

Love you Cassidy!

This is really fun!

Anyone else want to join us!

The water is nice and the hot tub!

Swimming with Cassidy

The salt water tastes great!

Let's stay in here all day! And skip nap!

Yep, I'm still holding my swimsuit tags! I love tags!

Looking Oh Too Precious in her Kate Mack Suit!

She carries the tags off her clothes for the entire day!

I made these little pants to go under some of her heirloom type dresses. Looks like I made them a bit too big! When she walks you see no feet so it looks like she is gliding! So stinkin cute though.

Blowing you a kiss!

She blows the most fantastic kisses. Can't you just feel it coming
through the screen!

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TanyaLea said...

WHAT A DOLL!!! I can't get enough of your sweet Lexi...she is just too cute for words! :)

I THOUGHT that was a Kate Mack...did you see the cute floppy sun hats she has to match her baby/toddler suits?!...adorable!

And my goodness friend... you are SO talented. Who needs Kate Mack or MJ when you've got Mary!?! Seriously... it's a good thing you don't have an online store or I'd be in some SERIOUS trouble! Love the white ruffles...they're hard to find in neutral colors to go with everything...those are so cute!


Big Happy Family said...

Aren't 5 kids fun? Claire and I are cracking up that Lexi likes tags....your Retail friend is gonna hook that girl up!

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