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Monday, April 19, 2010


Pin It Blowing kisses is probably my favorite thing Lexi is doing right now. Of course any baby can blow kisses but oh my gosh are these the cutest kisses. They have meaning I tell you. You can feel them as she loudly smacks the kiss and sends it off with the swoosh of her hand. It melts even a grown man strangers heart. Really!
She is getting lazy with her words, saying just the beginning or the end so we are working on that.
She is walking only now and doing very well with it.
She has to have her purse with her at all times. She carries it on the fold of her arm/elbow like a little old lady and it is so very cute and funny. Especially when she is just walking at the park or in the yard with it. She has to have it.
She plays pretend so well. She plays hide and seek and she has pretend tea, pours it and drinks it and says ahhh. She plays puppy and pants with her tongue hanging out.
She is in the 3rd percentile for weight and the -5th percentile for height.
She is a total foofy girly girl. Asking for her jewelry, her pretty socks and of course.. her purse. Pin It


TanyaLea said...

LOVE IT!! What a smart little sweetie! She sure is blossoming... and I can't believe she is 16mos already! Such a really are so truly blessed! Thank you for sharing your little sunshine with all of us. Those sweet kisses would turn me to mush!


Big Happy Family said...

She is the cutest little peanut! Love it when she blow those kisses. She is growing up so fast, and with the most amazing family ever! Jill

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