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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lexi is

Pin It Lexi is 16 mos old!

It is hard to believe my little peanut is 16 months old? I think we baby her quite a lot because when I look back at pictures of my older kids at that age they not only looked older but I know we treated them older. I guess since we have only had our girl for 5 months, and since she really is the baby around here... well, we just baby her.

She loves to be held and everyone loves to hold her. Needless to say, she gets held a lot.

Our doctor wanted us to keep her on formula until she reached 20 pounds. She is not there yet so she is still a Similac girl. The kids and I joke about it. We say she will be in kindergarten asking the other kids what type of formula they drink at snack time.

Our doctor also wanted her to have a good 10 months of bottle feeding bonding. We have never handed her a bottle, always hold and feed her til this day. Our doctor is very adoption educated and we feel really lucky to be getting great advice and support.

She is very in to her green veggies still. She loves Swiss Char and will eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. She loves egg drop soup with tofu and green onions. She likes bananas and grapes. She likes oatmeal and cereal with milk.

She has a cows milk allergy so we are using almond milk. She gets an instant runny nose and exzema with cow's milk. She also gets a big bloated tummy.

She loves to do itsy bitsy spider and is so so good at it. She also loves BINGO and ring around the rosie. I will get that on video soon. She loves to watch her kidsongs video. She still loves Kai Lan goes to China but right now Kidsongs is tops! Music and dance are just her favorite!

She is funny funny funny. She will whine when she needs help with something and all I have to do is look at her and she says *help* . Usually I say oh Lexi we don't whine and she says *help* but the ~look~ does the trick as well. Pin It

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