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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love: Day 11

Pin It I started Lexi in Gymboree classes 6 weeks after we came home from China. I Love Gymboree and it's purpose. I knew Lexi would love the music classes so we started there. After a few weeks we added the play class. She Loves to go to her classes and she loves her teachers. She will run to Miss Susie and just dive in her arms for a big hug.

Tonight we attended a big Valentines Day party with our class. It was so cute, once again Miss Susie did an amazing job. (She's our favorite!) Lexi made her first valentine and she was so proud of it. She actually considered sitting in the art room to hold her valentine instead of going out to play for the rest of the party. She changed her mind once she heard it was parachute time.  I think we may need to switch one of our classes for an art class!

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Melody Lietzau said...

LOVE! Again another adorable oufit on Lexi. I emailed you but it got sent back so i tried again and hoping you got it. I love the light pink for easter and was curious about price :)

Sammons said...

Melody I din't get any emails from you today so I'm not sure what's going on? Email is if you want to try again. As for price, it is 35 for up to a size 6 in a single color and 45 if you want the trim in a different color. I agree that light pink would be gorgeous for Easter!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Precious precious precious!!! LOVE all your photos!!! Lexi is a doll!!!
Blessings and Joy!

Big Happy Family said...

Just getting home and catching up. Lexi always makes me smile. I am so thankful to be home in the sunshine. The bubble pictures are too cute.

Sharon Ankerich said...

I am replying back to your comment on my blog and L and EK looking alike~ I DO think they look alike and SO funny that you put a pic in a frame for your family to notice. Amazing!!! L is a precious doll!!! We are so blessed aren't we??? Hope you have a great Sunday!!!

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