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Friday, February 4, 2011

LOVE : Day 4

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And so is Chinese New Year (Year of the rabbit)!!

We have been doing special lunch dates, just Bryan, Lexi and I, since Lexi came home from China. Bryan LOVES those special lunches and it is so cute how excited they both get on that day. Since it is Chinese New Year, we decided to dress Lexi in her China Silks and go out for Chinese lunch. She was so excited to decorate with her lanterns Bryan brought home for her. So I decided to pack some of them up and have a little photo shoot on the way to lunch. She was a hoot dancing around! Hang lantern, dance 10 minutes, hang lantern, dance 10 minutes!!! She was drawing quite the crowd when we remembered that is was quite cold out and we had taken her coat off for the pictures so it was sadly time to go. Lexi LOVES the cold! She gets so excited when we walk outside and it is super chilly. She is talking a ton now and stinging words together!!! Coooooold mama,  Cold nose!! Cold has (hands)! Oh how I love to hear her voice and see her joy!
Lexi has decided that Dora is now superior to Kai Lan!! I am so sad about this!  (I just think Kai Lan is so sweet and I love all the Chines words Lexi has learned from it!) I must say though, hearing my Chinese American little cupcake ask me to ~ la ~ (pull in Chinese) the paper out and get her ~tijas~  (trying to say tijeras which is scissors in Spanish) peeeese Mommy, is just so funny!!! Poor girl is a little confused. She is also CRAZY about Angelina Ballerina now! This makes her sisters very happy!!! She loves to watch her new video, Angelina, Love To Dance! We got it for the trip to the mountains last weekend and it  mesmerized her! I'm not too crazy about it though. Angelina is not a very nice friend. she is very bossy and very uh... self centered, conceited?? I don't think its a big deal, just sayin, she is rather in to herself ha ha.

Any way, we had a wonderful lunch out with daddy today! We're looking  forward to attending the Chinese New Year celebration in Tempe next as well as our FCC Chinese New Year celebration in on Feb. 26th. I love keeping Lexi's culture alive and hope that she will love it for a very long time as well. We will let her decide but until then, Bryan and I have lots of fun exposing it to her!

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Virginia said...

She is simply georgeous! I love every one of these photos.

Gin =)

TanyaLea said...

I am LOVING all these "LOVE" day posts of your's!! I can never get enough of your sweet Lexi! :)

WHERE did your hubby find those lanterns? I have not been able to locate any that I like. I even called around to some of the larger asian markets that I know of, and they did not have them. Only the red envelopes. I should've started checking sooner so that I could order them from somewhere online, as I bet I could've found something that way.

I love the phots of Lexi in her Chinese silks of the prettiest tops I have seen! And paired with her adorable poppy clip (surely made by her talented mama!) she is just too cute!!

We were supposed to attend a CNY party on Saturday night, but I ended up getting sick, so we had to stay home. I was SO bummed, as we were really looking forward to it! Have fun at your local FCC party... I know they do a lot of fun things!!


Sammons said...

Tanya, I am so sad to hear you were sick for your Chinese New Year celebration! I hope you are feeling better!!
Bryan purchased our lanterns at the Phoenix Chinese Marketplace. Our FCC is going to be selling similar ones at our gathering next month (I guess they have a bunch in storage?) So I plan to buy more then. If you would like me to get some for you just let me know.

My girls would sure love to go to MOA!! Man I would meet you there in a heartbeat if we were closer! Some day my friend, I just know some day we will meet!!!! Love ya, Mary

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