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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love! Day 2

Pin It We were only 19 years old when we got married, high school sweethearts! He was the kindest, most respectful boy I'd ever met. He still is! I love this guy to pieces, he's my rock! He takes such good care of us and he works so hard. He loves the Lord with all his heart, he walks the walk. He's not perfect (thank goodness) but he sure is perfect for me! I love you babe!
He thinks they look alike :) What do you think?

Proudly wearing his baby girl in China while crowds of people flocked around to see her!

This little video is ultra corny (sorry I blogged this babe)but I  love how you can just feel the love this man has for his baby! This was taken last year on V~Day when Lexi was 14 months old.

~15 reasons Why I love this man~

He respects me and treats me with kindness always.

He calls me beautiful instead of by name the majority of the time. (so sweet)

He cleans poo out of the bath and never complains!

He gets up in the middle of the night to give breathing treatments, clean barf, hold babies and again, he never ever complains.

He support my passions, even my children's clothing addictions.

He is the proudest father on earth and would do anything for his kids!

 He's loyal and trustworthy.

He is gracious and forgiving.

He is balanced. He helps me stay reasonable and level-headed.

He reminds me all the time that he has promised to love me unconditionally– through his words and actions. there’s nothing like having the closest person to you (especially when you’re at your worst) remind you that they love you.

He's not vain. He doesn't try to impress people with shallow things like money, status or success.

He's generous. He wears his clothes and shoes until they literally fall apart. He takes pleasure in caring for the needs of others.

He believes the best about people. He never jumps to conclusions, he gives people a second (third, fourth, fifth) chance, he forgives quickly, he actively refrains from "reading into" other people's motives and encourages me to do the same. 

He never swears. Ever. I've never once heard him use profanity. You have no idea how much I admire that about him.

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