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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love: Day 12

Pin It Oh boy this posting every day thing is getting a little tough. And taking and downloading pictures every day is sometimes a bit much. But I do Love that I have so much to look back on as Lexi grows up. I am excited to turn Lexi's first year home into a book and have been working on that a lot lately.
Today Bryan took Lexi on a special Date. They went to Chandler Fashion Center, rode the train that takes you around the entire bottom level of the mall. They had dinner and they played in the indoor play center. She was so excited, singing TRAIN and spinning in circles. I couldn't keep her still long enough to snap more than a few really bad pictures but here you go anyway :)
Hurry up Daddy, I'm ready to ride the train!!

Any time she is outside she has to go next door to tell the dogs to stop barking. They are the most annoying dogs anyone could ever live next to!!!

Lexi could not keep her eyes open, it was so sunny outside today. We hit 80* And the forecast shows we are in the 80's all next week!!

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1 comment:

Sharon Ankerich said...

She is precious no matter what she is doing... standing still or running around! Love the photos!!!
Blessings and Joy!

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