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Friday, May 14, 2010

Baby Legs, Baby Feet and Baby Shoes Oh My

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I can't believe I am posting about this! But the truth is, I just love baby legs baby feet and baby shoes! And I think Lexi should know about it because she might wonder why there are so many weird pictures of those things in my photo collection! I love Lexi's little legs because even though they are so very small... they still have little chubbers on them! And I love her feet because they are just the tiniest little cute things ever! They are a size 2 right now and even though I hate feet (non baby feet that is) I could just kiss her little feet all day. Really. And shoes, oh those baby shoes!! I LOVE See Kai Run Smaller shoes, they are made of butter soft leather and are seriously so sweet. I love her pedipeds too, but See Kai Run Smaller still wins. And I love all her Rhinestoned converse. She looks so darn cute in them and yes we have them in ever single color because I HAVE A PROBLEM!
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