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Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Fun Weekend

Pin It Don't you just love those weekends where you have so many fun things going on that there is no time for cleaning house doing laundry or yard work or anything? We had one this weekend and I am ready for another already!

On Saturday we had a fun Jia Ting (potluck) with FCC. Lexi loved playing with all the other little girls and she loved seeing the horses and just being outside. We spent the better part of the day just hanging out and it was fantastic!

On Sunday we attended church and then spent the rest of our day by the pool with good friends and way too much food! Lots of fun watching 10 kids (yes 10 kids from just our family and theirs haha) splash around in the pool, make masterpieces with chalk and eat lots of "sticky white donuts" aka steamed buns (love ya Quinn)

Lexi gets fitted for her AFO's Wednesday. Grandma is visiting for a week the following Wednesday (so excited!) Oh my goodness... I have 6 days to turn Quincie's old room into a new guest room!!! I need to paint it and everything!

School is out next Thursday (WooHoo! I love having all my kids home)

Swinging with some of the little girls at Jia Ting
Giving FIVE to Georgia's Daddy. (A big step as my girl is still VERY apprehensive around men)
I love the way she and her Daddy are looking at each other in this
picture with sweet little Ava.

Ahhh a place to take a little rest!

And pose my cuteness!

All for my daddy who is behind the camera!

Because he thinks everything I do is the greatest and cutest of all!

This horse kept giving her kisses. He was so tiny, a pony...but she liked
the big giant crazy horse the best!

Georgia and Lexi. This little bench was just their size.

The 2 littlest girls in the bunch having dinner together.

Sunday Swim party. Quinn and Brady

Sisters Emily and Shaelee. These two are so precious together!

Vinny's Awesome Dive!!


Loving his Baby Sister!

Cassidy and Shaelee having some swim snuggles as Shaelee
gets used to the water. She has no idea this vest she is wearing
makes her float!

Claire and all her awesomeness!!!!!

My Tropicana Baby!


Rylee, Lexi and Vinny

Even Quincie joined in on the party! Hey, a girls gotta eat! haha

My favorite of these 2!

Take a look at Shaelee's masterpiece!!!

Quinn makes a splash!

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Big Happy Family said...

These pics are awesome! Totally amazing. Will you help Claire with her Birthday gift....oops she reads your blog, will talk Sunday (:

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