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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Tribute To My Mom

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My mom is amongst the strongest, most fearless women on earth. Growing up, she worked harder than any mom I had ever met, she is the glue that held our family together. I treasure her and love her with all of my soul. I know there is nothing in this world she wouldn't do for me and I feel the same about her. She is the perfect mom for me. God hand chose her to be my mom and to be the grandma of my children. I'm so glad he did that! I love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day! Pin It


Cora said...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Big Happy Family said...

You Mom sounds as special as her daughter. What a beautiful tribute. Hope you had a blessed day!

DiJo said...

I am going to need more time to read your beautiful blog... I am stuck on the GORGEOUS photo at the top! Who took that? Truly beautiful! I knew a little about your trip when you were there because Jill shared... What a light you were during that time. And, God rewarded you greatly for our faithfulness.. Lexi is precious! I look forward to spending more time here!


DiJo said...

P.S: I have no doubt we would love to shop together!! Now I have two special reasons to come to Gilbert!!!


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