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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 1st Mothers day as a Mommy of 5

Pin It This Mothers Day was a truly special, sweet sweet day!

It began on Saturday when my sweet guy showed up with 72 Red Roses for his bride!

Then on Saturday Evening, Lexi stayed home with Daddy while Cassidy took me to a special Mothers Day dinner and a concert! Addison Road!!! I love Addison Road and after getting to meet JENNI DURING DINNER......SIT NEXT TO HER!!!yep you read that right! Well, now I love them even more. Jenni is so real and so much fun. The dinner was awesome, the concert was so much fun and going out with my special girl was just the best!

On Sunday Morning I woke up to find my guy missing from bed, a few minutes later he showed up at my bedside with a starbucks coffee, a beautiful card with an awesome gift card for some SHOPPING and a big kiss! Lexi woke up within minutes of that and Bryan came back with her carrying her first Mothers Day card to her mama! She had even signed it herself, so cute! Inside was more SHOPPING $$$!

When Brady woke up he gave me a super cute Toy Story Card with ....yep!! More Shopping $$
Oh this day! I love this day!

Then Rylee gave me the sweetest most amazing 100 reasons why she loves me letter that made me laugh and cry my eyes out at the same time! Oh how I love my kids!

We went to church at 9am. Sat with our "Hunan Family" that we love so much!

Attempting to give Shaelee a hug using no hands?

Lexi was so tired, she typically naps at 9am.

After Church we came home, Lexi took her nap while Quincie took me for a pedicure! Boy did I need it! I hadn't had one since before we left for China. GROSS! As they were scrubbing Quincies heels and all the yuck was coming off her foot she looked over at me and said "I can't wait to see yours Mommy". Thanks sweety! We had a great time. 3 hours later, I looked down at my feet and this is what I found???

Hmm, I guess I was so excited to have new feet that I forgot a little something. Bryan picked up lunch from one of my favorite restaurants and we ate it at home. We didn't want to battle the crowds and it was so nice to just all sit together and talk and laugh and take our time.

Later that afternoon we went out for some play time outdoors. The weather was simply beautiful!


Don't worry, he didn't wipe out, it's just a bad angle on the camera.

My 3 Big Girls
My Little Girl!
She Loves the wind. We discovered that in China.
Sliding with Brother

My oldest and my youngest

Being a Mom is the greatest gift from God. It is so much work and yet so much fun and so rewarding. I always try to remember the first part, it's a gift!
We ended our day, all 7 of us :) in the Hot Tub. It was so much fun being ALL together ALL day!

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The Hunt Family said...

I'm so glad that you had a great day!! You are an amazing mommy... I know that not only from knowing you, but seeing what amazing children you have!

Big Happy Family said...

These pictures are BEAUTIFUL Mary!
What a beautiful family!

Kate the Great: said...

You are such an amazing Mom! I love to see pictures of you with all your kids! You're my "go to" Mom friend when I need good advice!

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