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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

All Better!

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As of tonight the decorations are gone! It feels good to have everything back to whatever normal is.

Good bye tree.

Playing with her favorite friends Tolee, Rhintoo, LuLu and HoHo

She always has daddy fix the wheels on everything. There is a Kai Lan episode where HoHo gets impatient and brakes the wheels on Rhintoo's car. Kai Lan. Jen D, I a helps to fix them so now Lexi has to fix all the wheels in the house too! Jen D, I'm so ready to watch 275 repeats of Beauty and the Beast... So ready! :)

Helping Daddy fix the wheels on her PB shopping cart. This is the cutest thing ever, if you don't have one you might want to get one :)

I rarely post pictures of Lexi in the house because my house has such terrible lighting. I just felt I need to post some any way because I need shots of her playing with the things she loves. She is all back to herself tonight, happy and silly since waking up from a 3 hour nap around 1pm. She went to bed at 6 tonight so it might be a very early morning...... I should really get to bed just in case!

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melody said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Our little girl is also from Hunan and they are only a month apart. What orphanage is Lexi from. Our Hannah is From Hui Hua I think thats how it is spelled. Your daughter is beautiful. I look forward to following your blog.

Canada to China and back! said...

Great to see that your Lexi girl is feeling better! I love the shopping cart! So cute!


Big Happy Family said...

Glad to see Lexi having such a good time with a few of her favorite things! Look at that sweet picture of her with Daddy!

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