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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Big girls update

Pin It Lexi Jade is climbing new mountains. She is finding her spice :) But in a very good way. She is venturing off in to the world of being a brave, big girl! Yesterday when it was time for the big hip hip hooray at the end of her gymboree class she ran and dove in to Miss Sue's arms so she would toss her in the air instead of Gymbo the clown. That was a big deal! Miss Sue just melted. She lets Miss Mackenzie take her by the hand and use her for all the examples at dance class. On our first day she wouldn't even let her help her with her forward roll. Now, she would rather just dance with Miss M the entire class. She can even hold her!
The newest thing is her potty! She LOVES her potty and she loves her panties! Problem is, she has no clue when the pee is coming and she doesn't know until it is pouring out! NOT FUN! So I let her sit on the potty absolutely any time she wants to but the panties, those are for very short periods of time right after I know she has just gone pee pee.
The first time I put the panties on her, she was right out of the bath, there was music playing and she immediately started dancing. Now, any time there is music playing she thinks she has to strip down and put her panties on before she can dance! So funny, this girl is all about doing things exactly the same EVERY time! The first time she used her new Dora colring book was on the tile floor, do you know that this little girl has to go to the exact same TILE (yes the ONE TILE) where she colored the first time, each time she uses ~that~ book!!! STRANGE!! OCD????? UHHhh ...just a little!
She is eating 10 times as much since her ear surgery! She used to eat 2 bites and be done, now she eats all day long! She is even trying new things, things that don't involve a green veggie or a sweet potato or egg! She was 22 pounds on surgery day. I am pretty she has gained weight since then.
Best of all, she is singing and babbling. I can hear more than just clinging pots and pans when she plays now. I hear babbling, something she wasn't doing before. At church last week she was singing during worship, made Bryan and I cry. We were singing ~Your love is strong~ and she was loudly saying STOOOOOONG, STROOOONG, STROOOOONG, it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen until this past Sunday.... She was standing in front of me, head barely peeking over the seat in front of us. She noticed a woman 2 rows up with both arms in the air during worship. She immediately got her arms up so high and swayed from side to side! It did bring me to tears, my 25 month old, learning about the different ways we can worship our perfect loving Father!
 Her words are still one syllable, but they are becoming more pronounced and they are louder. She is using a ton of new words (not that she didn't have 100's of words before, just only our family could understand them). The doctor said we should see a huge change in her speech in the next 3 months. I can't wait. There are times where she gets so frustrated with me because I have no idea what she is saying.

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melody said...

oh my goodness I love those HATS! I love the milestones too but oh those hats too adorable :)

TanyaLea said...

oh my word, I have TEARS just reading this! There is NOTHING more precious than seeing your children worship God, let alone your little toddler! What a precious and priceless moment for both you and your hubby. I can just see her little arms raised up waving (PRAISING!) back and forth while she tried to sing along. LOVED reading that!!

And I giggled about how Lexi does everything the same, in exact 'repeat' mode. Khloe is like that. TOTALLY cracks me up! Did you say "OCD" !?! **giggle**

LOVE the hat photos ...she could be a model for hats. Khloe has the same hot pink 'Corky & Co' hat and the matching jacket... I love them!!

I recently took some new photos of Khloe in the pettiskirt you made for her ...she is SO stink'in cute in that thing. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and twirl around when she wears it. I really need to update and post again SOON... I'm SO mad at myself for falling so far behind, I seriously don't know 'where' to pick up again. UGH! ;)

Anyway, I loved this post, too. It's so wonderful to see how much Lexi is blossoming after her surgery. I can't wait to see what the coming months bring! God is good! <><

love and hugs,
~ Tanya

Bonnie Brentnall said...

Mary..Jane is 21 pounds now and a year younger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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