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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surgery update

Pin It We arrived at the hospital at 6:30, Lexi was scheduled for 7:30 surgery. Not sure what happened to that schedule but we waited in the hospital room until 9 am when they finally came in to get her! She was sooo good, seriously shocked by this. I know it was all God! Cassidy came to me last night and said, Mommy tomorrow is going to be different for Lexi, she's going to be calm and trust that things will be fine, I know she is! Well.... she was right, she was amazing. The nurses and staff were all just smitten with her, seriously she was showered with stuffed animals, bubbles, stickers, you name it. She let a few giant tears slide down her cheek in the beginning but with no sound or anything, tried so hard to suck it up, sweet thing. They did give her something in a syringe at 8:50 (thank you Daisy), and she did go off to surgery in the arms of her nurse looking confused and sleepy but without a fuss!
Next thing I know, Dr. M was there telling us the tubes were in! He said lots of fluid drained out and that she had enough wax up there to make  the candles for her next birthday! Gross~ Then the nurse came for us and took us back to her recovery room. Can I just say she was NOT happy!! That poison we use to put them to sleep really makes a sweet girl seem more like a ....well, sorta like there were a few toddlers having temper tantrums inside her and trying to get out!  Serious. So she screamed and cried and kicked and pushed and really had no idea who we were, she did the same thing all the way home. Then did the same thing in my arms for about 10 minutes and fell asleep! Good thing cuz I was starting to get a little tired of all that screaming! She has been sleeping since then and I am expecting my girl back when she wakes up.  Thank you for all the prayers and thanks to my Awesome Father for answering them!

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The Drinkwaters said...

So happy to hear she did fine. Hopefully this will clear up those pesky ear infections.

Debbie Sauer said...

She is such a precious little girl. Sorry she had to go through this, but it will help in the end. Hope she is feeling better. Blessings

Big Happy Family said...

Oh my goodness, look at your brave girl blowing bubbles and waiting patiently. So glad this is behind her.

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