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Monday, January 10, 2011

The purse!

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Lexi LOVES purses! Wherever we go, she must have her purse! She has lots...LOTS of purses but this new one that my cousin Melynda sent her for Christmas takes the cake!!! It is so BIG GIRL, seriously, I'd like one! Thank you Daniel and Melynda for making Lexi feel so special. She absolutely loves her new purse and is the talk of the town when her tiny little self is toddling around town with this in hand!

It was a beautiful morning so we went out for coffee (for Mommy) and a donut (For Lexi).
She ate 3 bites! (Of frosting and sprinkles!)




Then is was off to dance class!

Sorry,  no pictures from class today. Still so cute in her Dance leo

She also Loves jewelry!! (next is shoes....but for now she is OBSESSED with her UGG boots!
We have to trick her in to wearing anything but her UGGS! She has 2 pairs and she wants to wear them every single day. I really can't blame her though, they are very comfy indeed!

The beautiful cross Miss Jill got her in October.

And she loves Daddy's Guitar!!

I think I need to get her a pink one of her own!

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melody said...

Oh my Gosh LOVE that purse. Hannah loves shoes and we have those same pink uggs:) I love how girly they can be. It is so fun.

Bonnie Brentnall said...

Too cute! Jane loves her gold bangle and red thread necklace. She points to her flowers every morning to pick one out to put in her hair. She is such a girl! Lexi is a total doll. Girls are great!

Sammons said...

Thank you Bonnie, I emailed you with the info on the flowers.

Virginia said...

That little girly-girl of yours is riduculously CUTE! I've missed so many posts. I'm glad to hear her ear surgery was a success. And I loved the Dora post, too.

Gin =)

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