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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Hairs Cut (not a typo)

Pin It Today Little Miss went for her very first Hairs cut. Yes for Lexi's hair we say she needs her hairs cut because she only has a few hairs to cut!! She was getting a little bit of a mullet in the back and I thought maybe if we trimmed and even layered a tiny bit that it would look a little fuller and help it grow. So we set off to a really cute and fun kids only salon in hopes that it would not have that doctors office feeling and she wouldn't freak out. The photo below will tell you how that worked out for us...
But after the first 5 minutes, yes only a few hairs to cut but the lady was slow as molasses and took about 20 minutes
She was no more relieved and continued the saga!!! See the big wet spot on her cape? Those are tears!! This girl can bring on some puddle sized tears in the blink of an eye.

Once she had that cape off of her and was allowed out of her chair she quickly recovered!

The suckers and rubber ducky were a welcomed reward from her ~stylist~

So we paid.....20.00!!!! Did I hear her right???? How much? 20.00 please!! Are you kidding me? I just paid 20.00 for two snips??? There wasn't even enough hair to save for her little box..... My own fault, I read the add wrong. It did not say first hair cut 5.00, it said First hair cut picture frame 5.00!!!! Oh Brother!! I could really use a stupid sign to stick on my back right now.

So we took our 20.00 lollipops (really called dumdums, how appropriate) and headed next door to the new cupcake shop that just opened. We know the manager and she had asked us to stop by.

No tears here! Lexi was dancing all over the place, she had the ~dance floor~ to herself!

And Bummer..... when we got home, we found this little dude on the couch.
Bryan had to pick him up from school because he wasn't responding with his inhaler :(
He wants me to make sure everyone knows that the pillow pet behind him is Lexi's

Nurse Lexi stepped in and gave the get better hug!!

And brought him a blanket.

And we took it easy the rest of the day!
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Debbie Sauer said...

She is so precious! Blessings

Virginia said...

She looks as cute as ever after her "hairs" cut. Love her outfit, and those look like GiGi's cupcakes. They are scrumptious! We're having them for Ker-bear's birthday instead of cake. Speaking of, I can't believe I missed Lexi's birthday post. Happy Two%Lexi! Two is such a fun age, 99.5% of the time. They grow and learn sooooo much in this year.

Gin =)

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