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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A new day

Pin It I can't remember that last time I had 9 hours of sleep! Well I did last night and it was great!
I left the hospital with Ivy looking just like the picture I posted yesterday. She didn't even have her blankie because I was worried they wouldn't want it on the bed yet and I knew that if they while they were still cooling her, her blanket was not going to help with that!

This is what I came back to at 5:40am

Her nurse got in to her bags and found her accessories and dolls and primped her little patient

                    And it warmed my heart!

Last night they attempted to wean Ivy off her paralysis meds.
She did not do well. Her LA pressure and blood pressure scared her nurse and she put it back on and let her rest. There was talk of doing another echo, they ran blood gasses, they did an EKG, they requested another transfusion (she was at 30) and I was concerned. I sat beside her and kissed her head and read to her and kept my hand on her all morning. We just hung out.
And she was the very last patient for rounds today. So when they came, her LA pressure was the best they have ever seen on her. 10! It was 30 before they second surgery on her mitral valve. Her blood pressure is good, heart rate good, she is off the cooling blanket, no futters for over 2 days, blood gasses came back perfect, color looks great, one of three chest tubes is ready to come out, the other 2 will be in her for quite a bit more time, and her platelets are just a tad below normal but not low enough to need a transfusion right now! She is OFF all cardiac support!!!
And it was decided that she likes her mommy nearby when things get stressful so after this chest tube they are taking out right now is out, we will be taking her off her paralysis meds. The first step to waking her up!!!!! And we all agree that it will be much less frightening and much more tolerable if mommy is by her side. 
A big day for Ivy Joy!!!

Lord Jesus,
I praise you for the joy I have because I love you.
Thank you for the joy that comes from you and does not depend on my circumstances, because it is rooted in You.
Thank you for the assurance that no one can ever take away that joy. Even through crisis and in the midst of suffering, sorrow or pain, I can still look to you, filled with joy because you love me and abundantly meet all my needs!
Help me rejoice always. Not just today because the news is in my favor, but always because my hope lies in you.
Thank you for the peace that transcends all understanding.
I know I can do everything through you who gives me strength.

For those of you who have been asking me to post the address again to send cards

Ivy Sammons
8th floor Cardiac ICU
Boston Children's Hospital
300 Longwood Avenue
Boston MA 02115

And when she moves to the regular floor, its still 8th floor Cardiac
And if it comes in between they will still find her and get it to us.

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kim647 said...

Praying loud for you all. Ivy looks beautiful. May she have more great days to come.

JulieM said...

Praying for you and your little miracle girl! What an amazing testimony to his faithfulness and what He can do! Thanks for sharing little Ivy's story, God's story. Praying for the lives that have been touched and seeds that have been planted through this little girl. Love seeing the Leigh's Blankie on her bed :)

Anonymous said...

Just home from church--where I was praying for Ivy !! also the church is praying for her and I have called the Christian radio station K-LOVE ,and shes in their prayers,too!! Keep up the good resting ,Sweetie Ivy so glad you are doing well!! Mary,great that you had a good sleep!! Thanx again for updates!! Blessings,cathy in Illinois!!

ashley said...

What a precious sight she is. Love her pink socks. Prayers for a great day for Ivy and her awesome mama!

John G. said...

So glad you got the rest you needed. It is amazing what some sleep will do.

Ivy is the best dressed patient - ever!

So glad they are taking the tubes out first before waking her. They took mine out after I was awake and lets just say, I remember it a little too well.

So glad everything is going in the right direction for Ivy now.

Be careful in the next few days with the hurricane coming. I'm sure you will be fine in the hospital, but if the power goes out, there may be no lights out on the streets or at the hotel. I would suggest getting a flash light just in case. An Ipad or Iphone also works great as a flashlight, so keep them charged.

Hugs and prayers.
Caroline, John & Hannah Grace

Wendy said...

Praying for my new hero and inspiration! I can't believe that nurse! So great!!!! Glad you got some much-needed rest, too. Hope all goes beautifully today!!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful update. We are all thinking of you and sweet Ivy!

Lisa said...

Ivy looks FANTASTIC, Mary!! What a wonderful nurse!! Praising the Lord for all of these positive updates! Keep 'em coming!! Can't wait to hear all about her waking up with Mommy by her side:)

Mary Sammons said...

Caroline I think I am going to pack an overnight bag for the hospital and just stay in her room. I would much rather get stuck here than get stuck away from here. My walk is already a very dark 1.5 mile walk. I have no rain coat and my shoes are not rain shoes! Lets face it, I'm from the desert! Anyway, I put lots of water bottles and protein bars in my drawer in Ivy's room and I'm just going to grab some clothes later and stay put here till the storm passes.

Paige said...

Prayers for these next days!!!! She looks so precious, what a wonderful nurse she has:)

Lori said...

A girl needs her fancy stuff and her pals around her when she is not feeling well! :-) So glad Ivy has such loving nurses!

Maggie said...

Still praying! So glad to hear IJ is doing well!

Sarah said...

I know you miss them already, but it's good your family went home before the storm. Thank you for updating so often. It is lovely to get good news.24 elgrapns

dawn said...

It's not often that I don't have words to say but that Ivy Joy just leaves me speechless. Way to go little Wonder Girl.

If I were closer I would do anything I could to help you out Mary.

Love to all


Luciana said...

^ I second that, Dawn.

I'm so happy SO HAPPY! And...... my sweet Strawberry-coconut Jellybean is wearing her frufru diva socks that I LOVE which her mommy made. It is a happy day, happy dance in order the whole day.

Bless that beautiful nurse.

My God is so good. Heavenly father, our wonderful creator. How loving is he...



Luciana said...

Oh and I'm happy that you got wonderful 9 hours of sleep, Mary. I hope that you are totally re-energized and YES it's a totally great idea for Mommy to be right there next to her Jellybean when she wakes up. :)

DiJo said...


So thankful you got a restful night with no interruption! That is what we were praying for!!! And, what a blessing to see your sweet girl all primped up!!! She looks so beautiful!!!! That nurse deserves a big huge hug from all of us for loving Ivy Joy in the way she is meant to be loved on!!!! So thankful everything is moving in the right direction. I can't wait to see her gorgeous eyes open!!! SOON!!!!!

P.S: Your volleyball girl did her best today!! :)

The Heald Family said...

I saw your blog through another adoption blog and saw ou are at boston children's! We just flew into Boston today for our new adopted daughter from china spinal surgery on Tuesday. I changed our flight from Monday to Sunday bc of the storm. Hopefully she will still have her surgery!
Praying for Ivy and you here in Boston
Cathy Heald

jennifer said...

How precious that the nurses dolled her up! They have fallen in love with her too! I'm so glad you were able to get a good night's sleep!! Sleep makes everything better!!! So excited about your girl!!!

likeschocolate said...

Totally exciting new! Yahoo for Ivy!

Fannie said...

So glad you got some rest Mommy! It's so nice when you get a nurse that wants to show you what good hands little Ivy is in while you are gone. :) Still praying for your little sweetie to have strength and heal quickly. She's such a little fighter!! We're continuing our prayers in NYC.

Carmen said...

Praying for the hospital and for you and Ivy's protection through the storm.

Team Ivy

Diane said...

She looks so adorable with all her goodies:))) Such a sweet and thoughtful nurse Ivy has. Thank you so much Mary for keeping us updated on Ivy's progress. You continue to amaze me in all your strenghth.
God Bless,

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