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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ivy's Surgery is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pin It Dear Team Ivy,
This is Mary's scribe, Diana, asking you all to start spreading the word about this update!!  Tomorrow is the big day!!  Read more, from Ivy's miraculous day!!!  THANK YOU for standing in the gap once again for this special family!!

From Mary:

Ivy is finally out of the Cath lab. Almost 6 hours later.  We have nothing but praise today!

We discovered that our little girls coronary artery did not just have an occlusion, a small area that is collapsed, kinked or occluded, but the ENTIRE length of the coronary artery, the entire thing, is flat! Collapsed and getting zero blood flow. There is no bypass one can do for that. And a stent  would be sure to clog in their eyes. So they spent hours and hours and hours inserting tiny balloon after balloon after balloon. Moving up in size in very tiny, gradual increments. And right now, right this minute, she has consistent flow. Good flow!!! 

I asked how sure they were that the open artery would stay open and the answer was 100% UN certain. They just don't see this kind of thing and they have never done what they just did. They were not really even expecting it to work. But right now it is and I have faith that it will continue to do so. Team Ivy.... Do you agree!

They also made her left pulmonary artery stent bigger. The flow there looks fantastic! 
They have changed her surgery to TOMORROW !!  Please make this viral! Everyone is set to pray the day after but they want to do it first thing tomorrow morning. 

They will see how the coronary is holding up and they have major valve repair to do. Dr Baird is the valve master! We need that because her valves are a terrible mess!  She will get a new pacemaker and leads and that's about it. That's certainly enough!!  I'm keeping this short and sweet, waiting to be told any second that we can go see Ivy in the ICU.

Thank you all!!!

P.S:  Tomorrow is also the last day to "Spread The Joy" to order a JOY Tee-Shirt!!!  I can't wait to see you all supporting Ivy Joy with this awesome tee on your backs....  THANK YOU for all of your support.  We are so close to hitting our goal of 200 shirts!!!!  ~Diana Pin It


Anonymous said...

Wow!Miracles are so good!! Dr.Baird and all the drs. need our prayers,too!! Surgery Thursday--- Praise God our wonderful physician!! Heal our sweet and precious Ivy Joy!! Hugs and Blessings, Cathy in Illinois!!

Big Happy Family said...

Praying for sweet Ivy. Hugs Mary. Jill

Paige said...

Oh how I love when God answers big. Holding all of you and the doc team in our prayers!!!!!

John G. said...

Bless the doctors and everyone involved in Ivy's care. Give them the strength and guidance to help heal her. We have been thinking and praying for Ivy all day.

My heart breaks for her because I was in the very same hospital with a unique case. Ivy's care is unfolding exactly the same way. I wish I could give her a big hug and tell her it will all be o.k. She is in good hands.

We are here for you if there is anything we can do.

Hugs & Prayers
Caroline, John and Hannah Grace

kim647 said...

Bless her tiny soul. May God lift her up and bring her safely through it all. Hugs to everyone.

Yvette said...

Prayers and PRAISE!! so excited to see God's hand at work with this sweet family!

Lori said...

Today was surely the beginning of wonderful things from our Lord! Know that we will be holding Ivy up in prayer throughout the day tomorrow. Praying specifically that the physician's hands will be guided by the Great Physician Himself!

Blessings to you, sweet friend!
Lori McCary

(October 18th is the perfect day for miracles... just one year ago today, God was busy weaving His miraculous hands through the life of our precious Rachel... A new heart today for Ivy AND Rachel would be wonderful, wouldn't it? Let it be, Lord!)

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