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Monday, October 22, 2012

Family Time!

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We had a long day today and it started out  sad for our sweet girl :( 
Ivy's veins are just non existent right now and after many pokes to get an IV in, they just don't last but a few hours! So she was stuck at 11 last night, again at 2 am and it went on until it was decided today that they will need to take her for a new picc line. Poor baby. I wish they could just wait until Wednesday and do it when she is under and going in for her surgery. She had a very long echo, an ultra sound, blood work, urine tests, dressing changes and so forth. She also has bleeding wounds where they removed the dressing from her cath sites! I was so disappointed when I saw this so I spoke with our ever so sweet nurses this afternoon and asked that we please put a sticker on Ivy's pajamas stating that she is extra sensitive and needs adhesive remover and extra care used every single time tape is removed from her. The nurse who came in to change her dressings this afternoon was so upset by the infected looking wounds that she has from the tape that she made stickers for everything. Her bed has a big sign, and it is in her charts and in the computers as well.  I hope this puts a stop to the unnecessary owies this poor baby has to deal with. 
The nurses are all so so sweet. And they are so good about the family all being here. 
Ivy was so sad and stoic all of yesterday and today. But late this afternoon we got her in the wagon and the entire family was a parade round and round the halls for an hour trying to cheer our girl up! It worked. She came out of her shell a tiny bit. She started talking, finally. She cracked some smiles and even some giggles. She ate and ate and ate and ate. And at a random moment while on her wagon ride she said, "Donut!......Me!!" And raised her hand! It was so stinkin cute!! As if someone had said, who wants a donut? I think she was tired of waiting for someone to ask, so she just did it herself! Needless to say, her daddy went running right to the store in search of a donut for the little princess! By the end of the day, even though she was still very far from being herself, she knew she was surrounded by people who are absolutely crazy in love with her! She is just so darned scared. She always has the saddest pouty face and scared eyes. She doesn't cry at all, just gets a pouty lip and tears! So heart breaking. I wish I had stories to tell you of all the fun we had today but I'm not going to sugar coat this into some fantasy. She's sad and scared and we are just here doing exactly what we came here to do. Surrounding her with love and familiar faces and lots and lots of kisses! That in itself has been a gift for us! A treat to spend our days with such a precious gem! JOY
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Heather H. said...

Sweet Ivy, my heart breaks for what you endure. And I feel for your family, watching you endure it, for their pain must be so much greater than mine. You are loved, near and far. I am praying for you, sweet one.

Love from Maine

Anonymous said... what Maine's post.

Love from California

John G. said...

Mary, I am so sorry. She looks so incredibly sad. It breaks my heart. You are going a great job. She needs you all to just to be there for her.

You have been on our minds and in our prayers.

Blessings for a better day.
Caroline, John & Hannah Grace

jennifer said...

Sweet baby would probably be easier if she screamed her lungs out than look at you with those sweet pitiful eyes! I can't imagine how hard it is to walk through all of this. Praying for you and your sweet baby girl!

John & Michelle said...

(((LOVE and PRAYERS))) from Athens, AL

Annette Duty said...

We are sorry for what Ivy is having to endure. While she is such a strong little girl, she is just that, a little girl - so tiny. We are praying for you all. Love the donut story - yes, daddy's are always to the rescue!

Take care!

Luciana said...

My heart is breaking, my eyes stinging. Sweet Jellybean... you are so loved. So many ouchies :( But Daddy is a hero and saved the day. You will be home soon. Sending you lots of love and prayers all the way from China, everyday.



Paige said...

oh that sweet baby!!!!! Praying so for her! Janie had that sad scared face all day yesterday and is so much better this morning! Her surgery is today at 11:00 central time so I'm so thankful she is happier this morning before she has her sad face for a while. Praying for you all!!!!

Kristi said...

Sweet baby girl... Hoping for a happier and healthier day 2day for ur beautiful princess. Wishing her lots of yummy donuts! And, of course, will be praying for her and her surgeons on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Praying that GOD will surround IvyJoy with LOVE and COMFORT as surgery approaches. She probably has recollections of last times hospital stay but maybe doesn"t remember what GOD BLESS HER -comfort and JOY for you all!! Blessings and hugs,Cathy in Illinois!!

Carmen said...

So hard but so very worth it. Keep your eyes lifted high.

Danny and Julie said...

Would you mind giving where things can be sent to you guys again? I thought you posted it, but I can't find it! Thanks!!

KHM said...

Little miss Ivy is breaking my heart today. I'm praying for a fabulous surgery day for her .

Wendy said...

I'm sorry that this is so hard for all of you. It's heartbreaking to hear how hard this is on Ivy. So glad that she cheered up with all of your love and support...and fun in a wagon. Her request for donuts is precious! We will all be saying extra prayers tonight and tomorrow for your family and for you sweet, sweet Ivy Joy!

Jodee said...

Sending big hugs and prayers from Nebraska. :)

Big Happy Family said...

Mary, I remember that sad scared beautiful face the first time that you saw her in China. She was so brave. She looks so brave now. She is surrounded by love. And she is securely hugged in prayer from her AZ
friends. We love you Ivy, and Ivy's precious family too.
Love that picture of Bubba.

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