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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

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Even if just for a for a moment
To see your eyes, is water for my thirst!
The sleep continues but along with a mermaid sighting on the 8th floor, there was also a sighting of two big brown eyes! She opened her eyes for a few seconds, made eye contact with me and reached out her arms to me! Poor me a river, I flooded with tears of Joy!!!!
As soon as I had her in a pretend hold due to too many lines still, she was fast asleep again. She peeked her eyes open a few more times for a few more seconds, a total of 4 times throughout the day/night.

Her nurse encouraged me to get a picture of her in her costume and was so incredibly sweet to help me get it on her. And the whole unit went nuts!!!
She is a pretty cute little mermaid! 

Answered prayers all day!
I have been filled with peace and comfort. 
My Rock held me tall and strong all day!

And Ivy shows no signs of having any permanent neurological damage according to the evaluation.
They saw no need to order any scans.
They have diagnosed this as much like overdose. She is detoxing. Nothing done wrong, just the residual drugs sitting in her little body for so long have left her lifeless. 
She had two big surgeries in 3 days. One of those surgeries took 15 hours so really she was less than 48 hours post op at the time of surgery two.
She was sedated and kept sedated for the long Heart Cath just 2 days prior to that!
And she has had methadone, adivan and ketemine pumped in to her blood over and over and over for  so many days. And we knew all of this, but Ivy's case is not by the book by any means, the kids always wake up and she just has not. She had more than mommy wigging out :)
P.S, to the friend who commented about the adivan. She was taken off all meds a few days prior. But is indeed the 3 medications.  Overdose symptoms may include extreme drowsiness, confusion, muscle weakness, fainting, or coma.
So to help her along.
She needs to pee! And that she did today!
She needs to have a bowel movement, praise God, she did that today!
She needs to repeat that. A lot. And it needs to work its way out of her. 
Is this normal?
No. The doctors said they see it, but certainly not in baby off drugs and for this long. And by tonight, with her still asleep, no, not normal.
And certainly not normal to not respond to the counteractive medicines.
And that is why the doctors were very concerned this morning. 
And tonight, everyone is still being very very mindful of everything going on with Ivy. There is always a full room. She has 2 nurses most of the time. A doctor seems to always be in here. Respiratory therapy. Her surgeon pops in twice a day. Her cardiologist, several times. 
It's busy. And I feel so grateful.

Her ECHO revealed her mitral valve still looks good. Left ventricular function, good!

Her Lung is still collapsed.

But we will get there!!! It will fill back up. When she wakes up and starts breathing on her own, it should start to fill. 

Back at home, Daddy and kids are doing great!!!

And I end this post with the most precious thing ever. The pumpkin my friend Chris carved with Ivy as the inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!!!! We will keep praying to. Sincerely, Grace

The Simmons Family said...

Fantastic post. Loved all the pictures of your kiddos back home. It always helps a mama's heart when we are away at the hospital, to know the other kiddos are okay and having fun! Prayers for Ivy to get rid of all the meds in her little body and wake up soon. I have a feeling she is going to be fiesty and full of energy!!

Sharon said...

Those eyes being open is the best thing I have seen today! Thankful, thrilled and excited. Adorable mermaid outfit!

Thanking The Lord for answered prayers!

Lexi looks like she is having so much fun! Glad to hear your family is faring well at home!

Sister Kim said...

I am a Benedictine Sister in Watertown, SD. I am keeping you in my prayers daily...I wanted to comment to all that is not normal for Ivy...I cry with you for all she is enduring. but, I trust that she will recover in God's time...It is not normal for a Savior to end His life for us to have life eternal either...nope, not normal...BUT oh so very true! and so rewarding...good comes to those who believe and i know you do and Ivy will have much good come to her and her life and God will get all the glory!- S. Kim

John G. said...
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John G. said...

What a blessing to see sweet Ivy's eyes if even for a moment. She is the cutes mermaid.

Love all the pictures from back home. You have one beautiful family.

Hugs & prayers

Di said...

I am so glad that there are signs of improvement - even little ones - stepping forward is good. I continue to think of you all.

Luciana said...

Oh Mary! She had me wigging out too. I just got back from the market - (I was getting you lovelies some little yummies. Should go out in the mail tomorrow, Friday.) and I was praying the whole time; the whole entire time. I didn't even walk home, I took a cab and hurried to check on updates. Sigh. This is the cutest little mermaid I have ever seen. And those eyes... are just gorgeous and 'water for my thirst' also. I am so happy. I am so ecstatic. Thank God almighty. And thank you for being so thoughtful as to keep updating. I have my heart in my throat all day long. But with immense faith. Ivy is a special little Jellybean. She doesn't do things like other people. And God... well, He knows what He's doing and He knows why he's keeping this little tiny flower sleeping for right now. Her teeny weeny body needs to rest and restore itself.

I hope you're resting right now. I am praying for you.

With much love,

Luciana and Family.

Luciana said...

Thank you for sharing the pix of the other little and the bigs. Gorgeous.

xo - Lu

Françoise said...

My English is too poor to say to you what I feel but I think of you and Ivy
Françoise from France

The Harlicka Family said...

Mary, so thankful and so relieved to see her big brown eyes and "hear" the strength in your voice again!!! I was in tears for you yesterday! Ivy is absolutely the cutest mermaid I've ever seen!!! She will enjoy seeing that she got to dress up too!! :) Lexi was also the cutest Snow White of 2012!! Chloe holds the title for 2011! ;) I'm just so thankful you got a good neurologic report AND got to see her eyes open and that she reached out for her mama!!! Hooray! We will continue praying for all that Ivy and you need!!! Much love from Atlanta!!!

Sarah said...

What wonderful news this morning.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful start to my day to see a pic of sweet Ivy's eyes open and looking at her mama.

Monica et Milie said...

Magnificent comment I cry this morning to read and to look at the photos of your so invaluable Ivy!!!

Bravo for the pumpkin, she is magnificent!!!

I really wish that your beauty wakes up as quickly as possible to say to you a beautiful "I love you mom:-)"


sierrasmom said...

Mary, I woke up at 5:30 and grabbed my Ipad to check for an update. When I slowly scrolled down and saw that beautiful brown eye staring at me....I too cried! Continued prayers for Ivy are coming her way!,

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update this morning! I think of you and Ivy through out the day and pray (beg)God to wake her up.

Jboo said...

Hoping and praying for the little steps to turn into big steps forward for little Miss Ivy! Sweet to see the kiddos at home. Praying for you all.


Jane Klingenberg said...

So thankful. Sigh of relief to see that beautiful big brown eye open in the first photo.

Sending hugs and prayers....


Candy said...

As soon as I saw those BIG Brown eyes open I cried tears of Joy!

I continue to pray that your daughter awakes fully so that you can hold her close and love on her.

Paige said...

What a wonderful thing to wake up to, me, as I'm sure you did not sleep! Praying for your special girl! I know you started crying again when you got the pics of your children at home. I am praying for your momma heart as you continue in this deep valley. I am praying specifically for continued improvements in Ivy and NO setbacks. Hugs!!!

John & Michelle said...

Happy Thursday!!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!!!!! Seeing those peepers open has made my day!!!! Bless you all and we will continue to pray!

Renee said...

Praising God for those beautiful eyes waking up.

I'm continuing to pray for Ivy's lungs to inflate, her body to expell all those drugs, and to be pain free and awake snuggled up as close as possible to mama.

Lisa said...

Praising the Lord for all of this good news this morning! I just returned from Mass. Today is All Saint's Day. I said lots of prayers for sweet Ivy our precious little saint!!! LOVE the costume pictures--brought tears to my eyes! Poor me a river, too!!!! Hugs to you, Mary!!!

Lori said...

Have you tried letting her hear other familiar voices via speaker phone? Maybe she'd respond to that.

Keeping all of you in my prayers.

Kristi said...

Oh Mary, I am so thankful to read this update. I read yesterday's, and decided to not comment though I did pray for Ivy on my knees. I was scared for you both but I kept thinking...but Ivy's little body has been through the ringer...and she is (perhaps one of their tiniest patients to have had such extensive surgeries)...and my daughter when she is very tired, her eyes wander right before she falls asleep and sometimes when she wakes. Her opthamologist at CHOP says that when the body is relaxed right before sleep and/or stressed (not feeling well) eye wanderings are not unusual. So, I think, it's very possible that little Ivy's body is still in recovery mode and she is tired, very tired. Knowing that she looked at you and reached for you is so sweet!!!!! Yes, she is in there resting. She will reveal more and more of her sweet self to you as time goes on. And in the meantime, Team Ivy will be praying for you both!!

Shawn and Ragena said...

Thank you Jesus for those brown eyes of hope and an outstretched arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, what a blessing to see those beautiful, big, brown eyes this morning, flooding ours with a river of tears of joy as well!Still praying for you, your sweet Ivy and your entire famlily! May today bring sun. "For the Lord God is sun and shield: the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly. Oh Lord of hosts, blessed is the man that trusteth in thee." Psalms 84:11, 12

Anonymous said...

Mary - tears of joy here in Cleveland. I'm praying so hard. I asked God to flush those drugs right out of her system. Lots of pee and poo!!!! :) I'm so very happy about her heart. Such good news. One mountain at a time. God is working this in His timing. God is there for you and Ivy. Prayers are being sent all the time from here. Beth

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God!

Wendy said...

So very, very happy and thankful to hear that things are improving! Our prayers will continue!!!!!!!! Thank you for the update!

Anonymous said...

Mary.I know that having Team IVY strengthens you and missy mermaid (simply the cutest sleepiest mermaid ever) Prayed at church so hard for Ivy and drs and you! So very wonderful to read no neuroligical issues!! PRAISE GOD!!Will pray to flush those sleeping meds out of Ivy!thanx for the shots of the family at home!! A beautiful family!! Was a JOY to see those IVY eyes open !! and to have her reach for you!!!! wowie!! thats so good!! (you sure needed some recognition like that from little IVY!!had to feel so good to have her do that and for you to hold her , even awkwardly ,a bit!! Keep on peeing ! Missy Mermaid!! God is uplifting you eash day--and I thank HIM! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Anonymous said...

You are too young to remember the really old 'Promise' boxes. Small boxes from Zondervan with little colored cards, each with a Bible verse and a special quote. My mom & G'ma used to pull a 'Promise' daily. I have my mom's little vintage box in my bathroom (sadly, more as a remembrance than used on a daily basis.... ) Anyway, I went into the bathroom at about 4 this morning and pulled one card - it read:

The Spirit Himself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.
Romans 8:16,
"Everlasting arms of love are beneath, around, above; He who left His throne of light and unnumbered angels bright."

I was so blown away, I decided to pick another.... a pink one!

In God have I put my trust; I will not be afraid. Psalm 56:11
"Stilled now be every anxious care; See God's great goodness everywhere;
Leave all to Him in perfect rest; He will do all things for the best."

WOW! Many, many prayers from unknown friends! "What a privilege to carry everything to God above." God's blessings to little Ivy, to you, your family and the entire hospital staff! HE is the GREAT HEALER!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mary! I'm so thankful and happy for Ivy and you for good results from the Drs.! Praise Jesus! Ivy loves her Momma so much! It was wonderful and promising to see her beautiful eyes peeking at her Momma! Such an effort for her with all the medication to pass from her little body! Praying without ceasing here. :)
Your little Lexi looks to be very content and at peace with her precious family caring for her. Rest in Jesus, Mary, feel His loving arms carry you when you feel you can't go on. I've been in your place several times and I know it is horrific to feel so helpless and frightened. Jesus did carry me through the halls of the hospital so I don't say this lightly, I promise. Much Love and warm Hugs to you,
holly :)

Kristi said...

Mary, Can u please share Ivy's clothing and shoe size?

DiJo said...

Well.... I could go on and on with how AWESOME our God is.. He heard the cries of Team Ivy begging to see those gorgeous eyes.. And HE delivered!!!! Then, He heard our cries for her to not have any Neurological Damage.. And, she did not!!! Again, HE delivered!!! And, then we prayed for Ivy's body to start releasing those nasty drugs.. And, guess what? HE delivered!!! And, we all gathered together and asked Him to restore hope for Ivy Joy's Precious Mama.. And.. HE delivered...

Isaiah 40:28-31
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and his understanding no one can fathom.
29 He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
31 but those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.

You and that awesome Mermaid and her precious family at home are LOVED!!!! Awesome pumpkin too!!! Happy November. It's time for that baby girl to wake up so she can have some cake on her Mama's birthday!!!!!

Love You!

Noneofyour... said...

Holding Ivy in my heart every single day. From experience, keep on loving on her by touch and by talk. Sweet Ivy knows her mama is there.

I take Ativan every single day. At first, I had a very similar reaction to the drug and slept over 36 hours which prompted hubs to call 911 when he couldn't wake me. It took several more days to be able to stay awake.

It's a good drug but I was prescribed a higher dose than my body could handle.

You are so incredibly brave and strong Mary. You may not feel that way at times, but to the thousands of people following Ivy's are indeed!

Hugs to both of you.

Tracee & Lillian

(Lilly is also from Hunan (Yueyang). Adopted in Dec. 2002 at 6 months). She shared Ivy's story with her 5th grade class on Monday. Each student tells of a "highlight" and a "lowlight" from the previous weekend. I finally shared your blog with Lilly and she sees in Ivy the baby sister we were not able to bring home from China. My girl is touched by sweet Ivy.)

Penny said...

Having been following/praying - glad to see update! Have a friend who'll be at CH this afternoon with her newly-adopted daughter - she is hoping to be able stop by....

Kim said...

Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! Tears in Michigan!
Prayers continue coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Jesus, thank you so much for this beautiful answer to prayer. Thank You for bringing peace to this Momma's heart and being with her through this horribly scary time. Lord, I ask that you continue to wake Little Miss Ivy Joy and rid her body of the effects of all of the medications that were pumped into her body. Please use this time of rest as a healing time for her new heart. I am reminded of the cry of David, "Create in me a clean heart." and I believe Lord, that You, through the skilled hands of these amazing surgeons, have created a clean heart in Ivy Joy. Thank You so much for the doctors, nurses, and therapists that are caring not just for Ivy Joy, but for her sweet Mommy. What a tremendous gifting these people have. Thank You that the kids at home are being cared for and thank You for keeping Sandy at bay in this area. We just love you and praise You, Lord for her continued and perfect healing. In Jesus' Precious Name I pray, Amen.

Stefanie said...

I am crying as I am typing this. I have been following your post and check it several times a day.
Seeing your post and the pictures with Ivy opening her eyes made my day. I fell asleep last night praying for her. She is so special and she is already reaching so many people all around the world and having a huge impact on them and all this while she's still asleep. Imagine what she will accomplish when she is fully awake!!!!! Much love from Indiana.

Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord..... continued prayers!!!!!!!

KHM said...

Happy tears for Ivy. And Momma. Still praying

Anonymous said...

11ageUrelPraying and praying. Today is all Saints Day!

Fannie said...

Sometimes God's timing is not ours, but it is always perfect! Praise God that beautiful girl has given the doctors and her mommy all good signs! She has been through so much! She is truly a miracle! And her mermaid outfit? Oh my!! Sooooo cute!!! I continue to pray for her... That God will give her strength and renewed determination. That he will help her to wake when she is ready and that he will be next to you, every second, until then. Waiting on God's perfect timing is never easy, but he's given you so many reasons to trust in it! Praying for you and little Ivy!! May it be time for her to wake up fully and fight her way back very soon!! Lots of love and prayers!!!

snekcip said...

Those eyes, that costume, my heart is filled with (IVY) JOY!!!

My praises are ALL OVER THE PLACE for Precious Ivy Joy. Dear God, you have brought us exceedingly GREAT JOY! Your GREAT WORKS goes beyond understanding. Praise you Dear Lord.

Anonymous said...

I so worried about your sweet baby girl yesterday and prayed and prayed all day and my China heart baby (now girl) said prayers for the little heart baby (as she calls Ivy)too. I sat last night before bed reading over all the comments from yesterday's post and said them aloud just hoping that all of our prayers would be heard. Then as I finished the last one, I refreshed the page and your new post came up! I went to sleep knowing prayers were answered and that Ivy was covered in many blessings.

Antinette Mama to Hadley

Tera said...

Praising God you are seeing glimpses of your girl coming back! What a relief for you to see her eyes and have her reach for you! Praying for strength for all of your!

Susan said...

Oh Mary, so thankful for changes!!! Absolute most adorable mermaid ever!!! Always lifting her up to Jesus!

Hugs and Love to you!

Ladyblog said...

As usual, your post brought tears to my eyes...I'm in continuous prayer for Ivy and your whole family! I can't wait to see Ivy and Lexi playing together and growing up together, happy and healthy like sisters should be.

Hannah said...

I'm still praying for your sweet girl. My son's lung collapsed too, they say that is really common and easy to heal after they are awake.

One thing you might want to check, have they by any chance put a patch on your daughter to help her keep from getting sick from the other medications? I think it was a patch that is given sometimes to help prevent sea sickness. The reason I ask is my son had very similar issues after his surgery and the found he was having a reaction to this patch. They took the patch off and he started to come out of it in about two hours. It still took longer to really come out of it but we saw improvement that quickly.

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