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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Pin It We are fine :)
Nothing New.
I'm just getting a little rest and so is Ivy.
Yesterday when Ivy had to go in for surgery again, there was nothing leading up to it. I really was not being quiet due to problems, we just had a lot going on with the family leaving this morning and I wanted my focus on that.
Lexi made an adorable little 5 year old friend at the hotel pool and it made our goodbye very easy, very fast since she wanted to get back to playing. They were on the same shuttle to the airport together this morning and the girls told me Lexi ran right to her for a hug! God winks for sure!
And while there is some pacemaker adjusting, transfusions, and adjustments being made to Ivy's meds, she is asleep and peaceful and well taken care of! She has been out of the flutters for at least 24 hours. 
I am leaving here early tonight and heading to bed!! I'm so tired! I was doing good but last night just sucked the rest of the fuel out of me. A nice walk, a good dinner, a long shower, and a good night sleep are in my future!!! 

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jennifer said...

Calm is good!! I can't even imagine how drained you must be. I will pray that you get a great night's sleep tonight!!!! You will need lots of energy to keep up with Miss Ivy when she wakes up!!!!

Amy said...

I woke up several times last night and thought about your sweet girl then prayed. So glad to see things are "calm" and Ivy Joy is doing well. Praying that you get some much needed rest.


Kim said...

What a sweetheart! Think of you often throughout the day. Praying in Michigan.

Lorraine said...

I simply cannot imagine... my husband has had 2 open heart surgeries and it was my husband!! My daughter and I have prayed for you throughout all of this time! May God richly bless this healing and your rest tonight! It's amazing what a good meal and a good sleep does.

Jade said...

Big belgian hugs from Finland, where i'm checking regularly for updates from you and your beautiful family

Dardi said...

I hope you are able to get an amazing night of rest & sleep. When Kemeri was in the hospital, I know how much better I dealt with life when I had some rest. Praying that Ivy continues to heal & grow stronger.

Lori said...

Glad things are going better for your little girl. Praying for her all the time.

Lori in Texas

Shawn and Ragena said...

Jesus is holding your sweet heart! He always has been so we pray you rest in that peace and get a wonderful nights sleep, a good dinner, fresh air, and rejuvination to continue being a fabulous momma!

John & Michelle said...

Still praying in Athens, AL! Will pray for you and Ivy to get good rest tonight!

Anonymous said...

Mary,you need a great nights sleep after last night!! Praying for this for you and Miss IVYJOY,both!! Rest while you can, soon Ivy will be awake and healing and recovering!! Praying for you all! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Maggie said...

Continuing to pray!

Teachn18 said...

Praying you have a peaceful evening, and get a good nights sleep tonight. Continued prayers for peace and comfort while sweet baby girl continues to heal :)

Candy said...

Your Ivy Joy is such a beautiful child. She looks so peaceful. Continued strengh to her and you.

Carmen said...

We continue to keep Ivy Joy and your family in prayer. May God's peace be with you tonight and give you good rest.

Chasing our Dream to China said...

Love you, girlie! Sleep well! We will help out here. We will pray you through this- you are never alone. xoxo
Laurie & The C Crew
Chasey Blows kisses all the way to Boston for his main squeeze!

Sharon said...

praying you are getting some much deserved rest! Can' wait for sweet Ivy to awaken. Glad to hear everything is well. You and and your jellybean will be home again before you know it and it will be glorious!

Luciana said...

Ahh, Sweet Jellybean sleeping, resting soundly. And now her Mamabean is also. I'm glad you're getting much needed rest. Praying that you will feel re-energized in the morning. I will look forward to more updates (I'm 12 hrs ahead of you).

Are you in Boston or Suzhou? Those last two pics resemble my hood so much. ;)

Kisses to you. Whisper lovely, sweet sayings from us to baby girl.


bytheriver said...

She is beautiful! Would love to meet you all one day. In yesterday's pictures she has great color. As I have said, when she was bluish she looked like my daughter in crisis. That doesn't happen much anymore, as we figured out she needed a special diet to make her blood work the best. Now she looks like my daughter every day. Here's hoping her future is the same - our child had her diet changed, anemia reduced and started getting way more active and learning to play sports, living a regular active kids

Yep, still praying.

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