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Friday, November 9, 2012

All Done!!!!!!!

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Ivy once again proved to be worthy of the stellar patient award!! She was so calm and so peaceful going in to the OR that they decided to do her with JUST GAS! She was awake!! And she did not move! She was not sedated nor intubated and she is sitting here watching Dora with her hard boiled egg in hand right now! The whole morning was calm and peaceful even though she was without food  and water all morning and afternoon. I am so proud of her!!

She is going to be evaluated by the feeding team again Monday. Until then we will hold off on drinking fluids. But she can eat! Yay Ivy!!! Pin It


sierrasmom said...

Yeah. I am glad or is over. You go girl!

Karen said...

Way to Go Ivy. You are one amazing little girl. So glad everything went smooth. We hope this worked so you can go home soon. Hugs to you.
Karen and Lily

Paige said...

Way to go Ivy. We sure picked a good day to wear our tshirts!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Great news.......What a little trooper Ivy is...we on the west coast are rooting for her.......Gyll

Kristi said...

Sweet picture!! Little angel with her dedicated mommy. So glad she is awake and all-done!! Feeling good that she will be fantastic on Monday!!!! :-) ...No liquids...does that include no milkshakes or icecream :-( poor baby

Di said...

What a trooper Ivy! To all being well on Monday.

Sharon said...

Rock star Ivy! Awesome news! Hoping you will get to go home by midweek as well!

Ladyblog said...

What a BRAVE sweetheart! I pray the feeding issues resolve soon and she can recover at home with her family and big sister!

Carmen said...

A super super rock star. Not much longer to go.

Harlow Family said...

Way to go Ivy!! Way to go Mom! You are doing such a great job with all of your kid's!!

Stefanie said...

Wow, what blessed news! No sedation.. Ivy is a ROCK STAR!
It's all downhill from here, sweet girl :)

Luciana said...

Oh my God. You are an amazing, wonderful God. And this precious child of yours... you just give her so much of the fruits of the holy spirit. She is so awe-inspiring. She is amazing and I'm so proud of her.

And to "anonymous", obviously, you know nothing abut this tiny hero. She has been brave and wonderful since day one. Shutting down or not, she overcomes every single obstacle and hurdle that comes her way. We have much to look forward to and we know exactly how jolly Ivy Joy can be. Just you watch and see for yourself.

Mary, thank you for posting a photo of the two of you. Wonderful to see you both.

Sending much love.


likeschocolate said...

Way to go ivy ! Pray all will go well over the weekend and that she can begin to drink soon.

Sarah Lynn said...

I think "Anonymous" has lost sight of the urgency of these medical procedures and the risks of intubation and sedation for Ivy. Save her life first, and then worry about her psychological well-being, which you will be able to do with God's help. No, a child would be "healthier" in a psychological sense if she rebelled at procedures, but this acquiescence has such enormous advantages under the circumstances. Imagine the joy it will be when Ivy in the future is well enough to misbehave. Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

May God continue to work wonders in Ivy!! She amazes us all!! God Bless ! Hoping and praying for a good weekend and soon HOME!!! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Diane said...

Go Ivy!!!! We received our "JOY" shirts today and you were in our thoughts and prayers as always!!! Can't wait until you get to go home:)))
God Bless,

the beatties said...

What a great photo of the two of you and what a difference just a week has made!
Praying for Ivy's swallowing to improve soon so she can enjoy all of her favourite foods and drinks. Also that you are able to get back to the rest of your precious family as soon as possible.
With love and blessings.

John & Michelle said...

Yeah Ivy!!!!

Wendy said... glad it is over! What an amazing and courageous little girl she is. I was thinking of how brave Ivy has been through all of this today when Emma was freaking out over the possibility of a flu shot :) (they held off due to her pneumonia).
Ivy is truly a rock star!

Jane Doe said...

What a brave girl, indeed! Please ignore the ANONYMOUS comment someone had the nerve to make, but not the guts to claim! It is sad that Ivy is so used to these procedures, but she'll bounce back and be a silly, giggling girl before you know it!

johnjohntwo said...

The 100 MN souls who prayed her thru this
unfortunate Siege ... breaths a bit easier now
that she seems to be Over the Mountain and coasting down the other side.

The entire Medical team in Boston will probably wish they could follow Ivy Joy for the rest of their lives ... because she is surely destined to be a powerful and positive force in Society at an early age. Mary, Ivy is their Baby-Girl Too !


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Ivy Joy is my hero! What an amazing little rock star princess you have in your arms.

Promise you will still blog about her progress in the weeks to come. I can't wait to read the post about her running for the first time!


Candy said...

What a relief. Your girl is a miracle child.

Holly said...

Yay Ivy, you are truly a miracle! We are praying for you still!

DiJo said...

Only you Mary would look gorgeous in scrubs!!!!!!!

So happy this is behind her too!!! She is such a trouper!! God bless that precious Miracle!!

Praying you are packing your bags and heading home VERY SOON!!!


DiJo said...

Ok - I just read the "anonymous" comment.. Biting my tongue over here like my gracious friend..... There will be a day when your brave girl screams at her flu shots too.. But, that will be when she is completely HEALED!!!!!! For now, she knows the more she cooperates, the faster she is looking at Boston's Children's in the rearview mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Ya Gracious Friend!!!

Susan said...

So happy for this baby girl to be all done!!! Praying for the weekend to bring continued healing! Can't wait to get my t-shirt in the mail!!! I will wear it proudly for Miss Ivy Joy! Love you in your scrubs, Mary! Big Hugs!!!

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