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Monday, November 19, 2012

God is ANSWERING!!!!!!

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Hey Team Ivy!!!

It's Mary's scribe again, having the privilege to update you all on the amazing progress Ivy Joy is making!!!!!!!  You have already heard that she is now camping out in 8East!!!!  Next step... HOME!!!

Please continue to pray that Ivy and Mary are busting out of Boston soon!!!!  I, specifically, am boldly asking for that to be by Friday!!  :)  Will you join me in that big ASK!!!?

Anyway, back to Mary's update that she asked me to share with you today!

"It is impossible for me to post in the hospital but I must absolutely share how QUICKLY prayers are being answered!    This morning I went in to a "lively" Ivy Joy!  The child I saw in 8East was night and day from yesterday when she was shut down!  Shut down she is NOT!!  Talking up a storm, interacting with me, visitors and her beloved Dora the Explorer!  She's snacking around the clock, fighting naps, expressing herself with mighty expressions when she likes or dislikes something!!!!  (She even launched a cup of popcorn at me this morning!!  :)  )  PROGRESS!!

Ivy's cardiologist saw her this morning and said he is overjoyed by the looks of Ivy's lungs today!!  There is no sound of a murmer when he listens to her, meaning NO leaking valves!!  (Do I, Diana, hear an Amen!!)  NO LEAKING VALVES!!  He said she looks REMARKABLE!!"

There is still work to be done for Ivy to get her ticket back home!!  But, thankfully God is in the details and He is providing and answering...    

So EXCITING!!  And so THANKFUL!! to be posting this for Mary today!!

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Carmen said...

TEARS OF JOY HERE. The update we have prayed for. Go Ivy!!

Susan said...

Yay yay yay!!! So thankful to God for this precious little miracle child!!!! She is truly amazing!!!!

alexa said...

tears of joy here too.
All things are possible with God.
Thank you for the update

Candy said...

Wonderful news. I've been looking forward to this post.

Anonymous said...

Best.News.Ever. Amazing news about an amazing girl! Woo hoo! Go Ivy! We are praying for home for Friday for you and your mama. We will give extra thanks this Thanksgiving for the gift of IVY!

Antinette and Hadley

Paula said...

YES!!! What terrific news. Love the launched popcorn. That's spunk! Exactly the spunk needed to keep on that road to recovery so they can be heading looking forward to THAT post! Keep it up, Ivy!

Anonymous said...


a friend in New York!

JB said...

That is wonderful! This little peanut has so many people praying for her and such a great family to make sure she gets what she needs! Can't wait to hear that she is home!

Anonymous said...

wonderful news!

Maggie said...

AMEN. Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! So, so thankful for this update. We'll keep the prayers coming.


The Oswalds said...

So grateful for this news!!!! Thank you for updating us!

Sarah said...

Thank you for giving us this update. It is such good news.

sierrasmom said...

oh Diana these prayers are being answered so faithfully!,, Plus little Ivy is just amazing in her own right!!! I think we are jumping for Joy again here in NY!,,

Paige said...

yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! Happy Dance time everyone......Gyll

Harlow Family said...

Praying that Mary and Ivy are back home soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,Diana , for this wonderful update on little spunky miss Ivy!! God is so Good!! such wonderful news about Ivy's lungs and heart and valves!! Praise God from Whom ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!! continued in thanks and prayer,Cathy in Illinois!!

Kim said...

AMEN!! You go girl! Praising God for Ivy's strong will! Bring on Thanksgiving!

Tim and Monica Kane said...

Such wonderful news! So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Praying for a safe journey home on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Praise God! Hoping you are home before the weekend. The Holiday sure would be nice. Go Ivy! Lots to be thankful for this year for sure!

Luciana said...

This is great news. Thank you.

Lori said...

Mary, I don't know if you know this Amy Grant song called "Saved By Love", but lately when I hear it, some of the lyrics remind me of you.


Laura loves her little family,
And she's the kind of woman who loves them with her life.
But sometimes in the evening,
When the world rests on her shoulders
With four walls closing in,
She'll close her eyes.

It's not like she misses being younger,
Though she never was in Vogue magazine or on TV;
Her husband loves her dearly,
And the morning shows her clearly,
Kisses her little baby girl.
Laura, she's the queen of the world.

Can't imagine ever leaving now,
Now that she's been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.
Listen to her quiet heart singing loud.
Laura, she's been saved by love,
Saved by love, saved by love.

(Album: Lead Me On)

Karen said...

Incredible news !

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the amazing gift of a healing IVY!!! You must be so overjoyed and THANKFUL!! We are continuing to pray for her recovery and continued blessings for you and your family this holiday season. Sending love from Western New York

Dawn B. and Kalena Lin YuKang

Even Miracles said...

So happy and thankful ! God is good.

johnjohntwo said...

Ivy Joy need not say a word until she is 7 or 8 years old. If you can't determine what she is thinking or what she would be saying to you if she wanted to ... just by looking into those Eyes ... you must be in a Coma. She has the Most expressive eyes on this Planet. And when she is not happy ... you can certainly tell most of the words she would be telling everyone ... if she wanted to ... and where she learned some of those words while growing up in a Christian family ... is a Mystery. Thank heaven she is most comfortable with potungwah ( the People's Language ) right now. What a Thanksgiving gift to the whole world she is !


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