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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another week begins

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Lots going on here in Boston!
An improved xray was the good news this afternoon!
More visitors, thank you Maggie and Kim M for your visits this weekend and your patience in allowing Ivy to decide when it was ok to get near her and interact with her. I loved watching her finally be able to have control over something. And I love how you both earned her trust by the end of the visit. It was a treat to be able to share this amazing sweet girl with the both of you. I look forward to a day when we can do it under much better circumstances.

 Pointing to the door when the unfamiliar surgical nurse came in to say hello. She did not recognize her so she said get out!
 Making a turkey with the volunteers, just like the big kids!
 Looking at pictures of our sweet friend Kim's little girl Annie.
 Modeling the adorable bunny coat that Miss Kim gave her!

 The nurse walked in as I was getting my camera out so all I got were these little pouty faces. She is such a hunny either way. But man am I ever excited to see my little flower blossom back at home. No one to be afraid of, nothing to scare her! 

Hilda, you know who I'm talking to.. Shame on you!! Please find a new hobby that does not involve my daughter or my blog. Perhaps pottery would be a good fit? I actually know an amazing Potter. Perhaps I could introduce you to Him! 
I have deleted your nasty comment and will continue to do so, so please go away. 
 The greasy hands and face are courtesy of her obsession with bacitracin! We use it on her nose as the rip from the ventilator is healing but she likes to take it and rub it all over her! And that is A ok with me!
Tomorrow is a big day. It will shape how much longer we will be here. And let me tell you...... we are really antsy to NOT be here any longer! Today is day 30 in Boston!
So we have the feeding team coming in the morning to watch her eat breakfast and drink. Then the feeding tube comes out. Next is a swallow test. Then an echo cardiogram. We specifically pray that the aspiration be gone. That the mitral valve is still doing well. That Ivy eats and drinks more with the feeding tube out. That we get the go ahead to be on a plane by Friday!!! Pin It


Carrie G. in MN said...

Oh, she is just SO CUTE in her little bunny coat! :) The pictures of her getting stronger every day just bring a smile to my heart! I am going to be wearing my Ivy Joy t-shirt tomorrow and hoping you get good news about being able to leave Boston and head home. As you say, Ivy will just blossom and blossom even MORE once she is back in her familiar home. I think of you and Ivy so often (although we'll likely never meet since we're all the way in cold Minnesota). I hope you how completely surrounded with prayers and cyber friends you are. Waiting to hear more good news!


Wife of the Prez said...

Mary, I just love her stink eye. These heart kids have this down for sure! Can't say I blame them!

I love Dr. Baird too. He actually emailed with me about our DD. I so appreciated this time and thoughts! And I am so THANKFUL you and Ivy were able to go to him. She looks absolutely WONDERFUL!!! No doubt she is feeling better.

About the roommate, that stinks. So sorry. I am so thankful that Vandy is private rooms only, but I realize from reading blogs that is not the case at most Children's hospitals. I agree with Yvette. Ask someone higher up! ;)))

BTW, I cannot believe you got a nasty comment. What in the world? Don't people have better things to do with their time. Good for you calling out this person.

Can't wait to see the "We're headed home!" post. Praying specifically as you asked as I go to bed tonight. Heart hugs to you and Miss Ivy!

Hilda is going to become a better person by thinking of others feelings said...

Hilda is obviously an unhappy person. Anyone who would say anything hurtful has obviously been hurt themselves. Pottery is great therapy. Regular therapy might be a better answer though. May Hilda find the Joy that Ivy and her family have found in the gift of life, health, and each other.

Ladyblog said...

Ivy looks better every day! Praying for her strength, feeding, mitral valve, and everything that needs to be in order for you both to be able to go home! That picture of her pointing to the door is so cute and heartbreaking at the same time. I pray one day soon, she can understand the impact all those "white coat" types had on her. It must all seem so scary now.
I'm SO sorry that someone would write a nasty comment to you in this vulnerable time. Just know that for every one "Hilda", there are a million of us, Team Ivy Joy members!!
Hugs and prayers from Florida!!

Candy said...

Hoping that tomorrow's news is the good news that you have been waiting for. I look forward to reading your next post. Ivy Joy is looking better every day. Continued strength to you and your entire family.

John G. said...

So happy to see Ivy is improving. It brings joy to our hearts. Ivy looks stronger every day. Love all the stink eye pictures. I totally understand her being done with all the poking and proding.

We received our team Ivy shirt and Hannah can't wait to wear hers. She reports daily to her teacher how Miss Ivy is doing.

We are all praying Ivy can go home soon.

Hugs and prayers from CT.

Teachn18 said...

Such a wonderful post to wake up to! Even with her precious pouty lips she's BEAUTIFUL! Ou can see underneath it all that she is ready to thrive at home...only a couple more days baby and you'll prayerfully be with your entire family!!!! Praying mightily for good swallows, a working valve, a great echo, and the clearance to head home!


Luciana said...

Oh my word... what a precious child. Ivy Joy, you are so adorable. I love your huge personality in that teenie weenie body. You are so loved baby girl. I can't wait to see pictures of you getting in all sorts of trouble at home. So looking forward to it.



Bridget said...

so good to see Ivy looking so good - even with the stink eye:-) Sorry about your internet troll...I never understand the bizarre kicks people get from spewing nastiness...

dawn said...

OK fingers are crossed here that you hear absolutely everything you want to hear and that you get to book those tickets.

Love the slicked back greasy's a look only a few could pull off, wait it's a look only a few would want to pull off.LOL

Can't wait to hear that all the tests went well and you are outta there.

Lotte en Eugene said...

I have seen this face before. My daughter was also in the hospital too long. The minute we walked out of the hospital and she knew she was going home, her face changed. I hope you see this change soon!

Holly said...

The girls and I are praying fervently for you and Ivy Joy. We are praying that all goes well with Miss Ivy so you all can go home this week. We love you!
Holly and family

likeschocolate said...

I am so sorry that someone would be less than supportive to you and your family. Ivy is definately a miracle . I have a feeling she is going to do Mach better once the feeding tube is out. My son sure did. I love how she points people to the door. Prayers being sent your way.

Jboo said...

Praying for Ivy and good reports today. Hang in there you two!!


Paige said...

Soooooo praying for great results today so the plan is made to GO HOME! As always she is too precious for words!

H. said...

Continue to pray for you and Ivy!! I found your blog through Three Peanuts, and have been reading along since Ivy came home! She is a true miracle!!! And so adorable!!!
I will pray for a " smooth" week for you all so you can head home on Friday!!

Anonymous said...

Sending love today.

I got misty eyed when you refered Ivy have a 'normal life'. Praise God (and Dr. Baird).


p.s I wish I could package up some of the chub on my thighs and send it to Ivy. She needs it but I don't!! :)

Leah Mei said...

Ivy looks amazing. I am sure that this Thanksgiving will have a whole new meaning for you. Waiting to hear you will be going home this week!


Paula said...

Stink eye or not, there is so much depth behind those beautiful eyes! Ivy Joy looks better and better every day - it's so heartwarming (pardon the pun!)! Looking forward to hearing some good news tomorrow (or perhaps later today). Oh, to be on a plane on Friday. Now THAT's joyful!!!

Lisa said...

Mary, so happy that you are going HOME!!! You must be totally overjoyed!!! I can't even begin to imagine what your welcome home party will look like!! I think a case of Kleenex is in order!!! Wow...I can't believe it's been 30 days! So glad that Karen and Lily had a chance to visit with you and Ivy!!!

God bless!

Teresa said...

Mary, Ivy just looks soooooo good!!! I love those pink lips, fingernails, everything!! She is looking healthy and that warms my heart and I know yours too:) Continuing to pray that you all will be HOME by the end of the week!


Karen said...

Ivy looks beautiful. She is looking better and better every day. I hope all goes well today and you can both go home on Friday. Let me know if you would like a ride to the airport. I will be more than glad to drive you. Sending hugs to you both.

Love, Karen

The Heald Family said...

Praying you are home this weekend!
Holding on to Him for strength & healing:)
love........cathy heald

Joanna said...

We will continue to pray that you and Ivy Joy can make it home this week. Everyday when my daughter gets home from school she asks how is Ivy doing? She has also been keeping her class updated and they have been praying for her as well. I can't wait to see Ivy's happy face again. I bet she'll be grinning from ear to ear the day you leave.
Joanna Dell

Maggie said...

Still praying! Miss Ivy looks better and better. So sorry you've been visited by a troll.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing Ivy's journey. She is such as cutie and it is wonderful to see her 'heal' so she can enjoy a more 'normal' life. I 'love' her little 'Stink Eye':-) While I don't know you, but have enjoyed following Ivy's journey, I find it sad and disgusting that others feel they have the right to spew negative comments, whether they know the individual or not. As others have written, those lifting Ivy and your family up far outnumber vicious commenters. All we can do is pray that something will transpire in her life that the 'POTTER' will then shape her heart so she learns how to love others, even those she doesn't know. Then she may realize, no matter how much she might want to deny it, that when folks spew hatred at others, it carries over in varying degrees to those closest to you. Hopefully she will 'mature emotionally' to learn how to respect others. As the old saying goes, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."
Team Ivy & God's Army will stand strong and prevail. Pam M.

Heather H. said...

I hate, hate, hate seeing the haunted look in her eyes. She cannot understand yet that all that poking and prodding and discomfort is for her ultimate good. I, too, am waiting and praying for the day you get to go home and her "other" heart can start healing. Best wishes.

Lainie said...

Mary -

So glad things are going so well for your sweet baby in Boston! I hope you make home this weekend and have loved seeing Riley each week at the studio. You have wonderful children!!


Di said...

Hoping for good news for little Miss Ivy today so that plane journey can happen soon!

Wendy said...

Thank you for the wonderful update. Ivy looks stronger already! Will be praying that all good things come out of the tests they are doing today. Not only do I pray that she is healing beautifully and that she can finally drink, but also that you get to go back home to your family. It's been a long haul here in Boston but I'm thankful for all that could be done to help your sweet Ivy!

Anne-Marie said...

You're daughter is just incredible. So many force in a so little girl.

Good luck

Thank you to share all this moments with us

Anne-Marie from Canada
waiting for a treasure from Vietnam

Susan said...

Ivy is precious in all her girl accessories!!! Prayers continuing for that sweet baby girl! God is Good!!!

Paige said...

Crazy to think that we were praying for life and now I cannot wait to see a picture of your entire family reunited. Cannot believe the emotions I have had for someone I have never even met...other than knowing we are sons and daughters of one All Mighty King. Praying for God to continue to carry you through these last days in Boston.

Sharon said...

She looks amazing! Hoping and praying all is much improved today and that her swallow test is good and that she can eat and drink, and that her echo is as perfect as can be! So funny to see her pointing at the door. I can't blame her!

So sorry also that one rotten apple has to spoil things. I just don't understand what drives people to do those types of things. Thanks Mary for sharing your life and your beautiful girls!

Anonymous said...

Prayers answered and will continue to pray!:). What a beautiful testimony you are with such a well said comment to Hilda. Hilda I am praying for you.

kristina said...

I came across your blog through 3 Peanuts, whom I have enjoyed for years now and I have since added your blog to my lists of those that I so enjoy. When Ivy Joy was going in for surgery, I was constantly checking to see the updates, and I have really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing Ivy Joy blossom through this whole process. My daughter is a cleft baby from southern China and although the surgeries she has endured are not as extensive as Ivy Joy's, their all tough and scary. My heart goes out to you. I guess what made me compelled to finally comment was seeing that someone took the time to write something awful to you. It just breaks my heart that you and your family open up your world and share it with all of us, and if someone comes across your blog, they should feel special to be a part of it! I could ramble on and on, it's all so frustrating, but I just want to thank you for sharing your journey. I have certainly enjoyed everyday and shed tears along with you and your family! You are an awesome person!!!!

Krista said...

You have a beautiful,strong daughter, and you both have beautiful strong hearts!!
My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family. Ivy is a sweet bunny, pouty face and all... :)

I can't understand how someone would want to say anything rude to your family. Obviously needs a hobby...
Lots of Love..
Krista D
Director Gracie's Room
XinXinag China.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! God has BIG plans for that little lady!!!! What a miracle and what a fighter!! I am just in love and Awww of her power!

There are still strong prayers going on in Ohio!!!

Love, Sharyn and LiLi!

P.S. I think that person needs some prayer. She must have a lot of hate in her heart. I try to tell LiLi that when someone acts like that, the devil has hold of them and we need to pray for them.

the beatties said...

Adding our prayers to all of yours with our love.

Jules said...

oh look how good your little super hero looks!! You know I think she has every right to wink the stink....someday she will understand the love of the their actions, but right now I am sure she wants everyone to leave her alone and let her eat her kisses!! LOL

Hoping you are headed back to the warmth of home soon and I can't even begin to understand what on earth someone could say that would be anything but loving and in words of awe of your SUPER girl!!!

Will be checking every day to see if you are on your way home!!

Anonymous said...

Such happy news for your family! Friday can't come soon enough for you. Have a wonderful reunion with your family.:) Soon sweet pea, Ivy will be strong and tromping around with her big sisters, having a great time! Have a fun, blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas!
God bless you all,

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