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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Hope

Pin It It is my prayer that today is the start of the finish of this journey to Boston for Ivy Joy. While we are still in the critical stage, 48 hours post op, Ivy is doing well and looking good!

She is being weaned from the ventilator little by little with the hopes of getting her off of it today. 

The surgery yesterday was long and yet uneventful! She went on bypass beautifully, she opened easily,  and she came off bypass smoothly. There was some trouble with her rhythms so the pacemaker team came up and they worked until they figured out the problem. She is not even using the external pacing wires, her permanent pacemaker is doing all the work already. 

Dr Baird was able to get a 19mm mechanical valve in her! That is Huge!! He said you almost never could get a valve that size in a child her size because the extra flow could cause some partial heart block. Well..... Ivy already has complete heart block and a Rolls Royce Pacemaker to assist with that so they didn't need to worry about heart block issues. She also has been in heart failure so long that her heart is enlarged thus giving them another small bonus to using the large valve. 

Our doctor said that he does not think Ivy is going to be a very big adult and so this valve will last her a very very long time. At least into her 20's! Possibly longer! 

She will be on Heprin forever now. She'll wear a little medical alert bracelet and we will add the Heprin to the list on it. She should finally have ENERGY due to this new valve. Doc thinks her eating will pick right back up and her recovery will be easier. 

I hope to have news that she is awake the next time I post! And I hope she is off everything!! Meaning no cpap, no bipap, no oxygen!! No feeding tube!! Ok ok one thing at a time! 

Thank you for continuing to lift this precious child in prayer! 
Please Lord, let this be done, no more surprises!! 
Mama is all out of feathers in her hat! And Ivy is tired! 
And yet.... You all know there is nothing I would not do to get this child home and well. 
Life is such a gift! 
Hug your entire family, every single member, a lot tighter and a lot longer this week! I can't wait to hug all of mine!

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Sarah said...

So relieved to hear from you with good news. God bless Ivy, you, and the entire family.

Leah Mei said...

Mary, I have nothing left to say other than your entire family has been and will continue to be in our prayers.


Lisa said...

Beautiful day, wonderful news. Thank you so much, Mary!! My sleep was less than restful last night, as I know oh-too-well how critical those post-op hours are. I will sleep much better tonight knowing that Ivy is smooth sailing. Praise the Lord. It is a beautiful day. We will continue to pray for quick healing and home soon!!! Much love to you:)

Bridget said...

Waiting for this update and praying for this news. Continuing to pray for Sweet Ivy and her family.

Candy said...

So happy to read your update. Praying that Ivy is able to come off all equipment and start her recovery and go back home.

Renee said...

Still praying for this special little girl...and I'm so glad to hear the surgery went great. I will be lifting her up all day for a speedy recovery and removal of those unnecessary tubes and wires. And I'm lifting you up to Mary...know prayers are going up for all your family.

Y said...

Delighted to hear the good news.

You are a wonderfull mum.

Laine said...

Oh we will just keep praying and praying until you are home with Ivy and your family!!!! Praying today brings news of a waking Ivy with no vent! Thank you so much for sharing her with all of us in blog world....she is such a treasure.
We love her!
Sending hugs and more prayers....and praising The Lord,

Diana said...

I so wish you had some of your family there with you. I am sure you are way beyond tired.
Will pray that this is the last of these surprises and that little Ivy can come out of this and be on the road to recovery.
I have never wrote but read your up dates every day.
My God keep on blessing you and take care of you too.
Diana McC.

Anonymous said...

So very happy to hear this wonderful update..continuing to pray for sweet Ivy Joy. ~Holly

Kath said...

Relief and hope for Ivy and her Mama to find the strength to get to the next step of this journey. Oh my what wonderful docs and staff! Thanking God for giving us all a chance to love and watch over Ivy!

Still waiting for her to be home playing with Lexi and the rest of her fam!


The Harlicka Family said...

Praying for all you've asked for and more and for continuing good news for Ivy! I'm so happy to hear that she is doing so well! She is such an amazing little fighter, she is going to be a spit-fire when she wakes up and has all this new energy!! :)
Much love!

alexa said...

I'm still praying for your precious little girl.
So glad to read that surgery was fine!

snekcip said...

...and GOD said IT IS DONE.

Praying and Believing in those wordsbfor Precious Ivy Joy.

Even Miracles said...

I was so overjoyed to read how well Ivy is doing. I am hoping for a continued speedy recovery and smiles from that little girl once again !!! The refrain from U2's song Beautiful Day keeps running through my mind.
I hope u have a beautiful and miraculous day and days to come. Love and prayers from Ohio

sierrasmom said...

Thank you or the post....I am sitting at the Drs with Sierra for her semi annual visit! Can't wait to see photos!,
Lots of hugs

Anonymous said...

Praying for Sweet Little Miss, and you, Mary. I know you are so exhausted in all ways. Hold on to Jesus as we know you are. When you are too numb to think, pray, or barely breath, know that we are praying for you and rest.

Love to you and yours,

likeschocolate said...

My hope she comes off the ventilator easily. Prayers for you to be on a plane heading west very soon.

Anonymous said...

God is Great!!

dawn said...

Team Ivy...everyone is a beautiful team and one that believes and performs miracles. Well ONE performs the miracles.
Go little one go.
mama I can't imagine how tired you are and how in need of the love of your entire family. Very soon that group hug or family sandwich as we call them will happen and it will be sweeeeet.
love to you all

Anonymous said...

Mary,I had a restless sleep last nite worrying about little Miss,thank you for the update! Couldn"t sleep,so of course ,I prayed for you all! Sounds really good this surgery for her- Continuing to be in prayer for you all! cannot wait to hear off all that equiptment !God Bless,Cathy in illinois!!

Wendy said...

Thank you, Mary, for posting an update. It is wonderful to hear that things are going very well but our prayers will continue for a smooth, uneventful recovery!

Life is precious and Ivy has been a constant reminder of that..and of hope and strength and courage and inspiration and joy!

Sending love and hugs! I would have been back in to visit by now but, unfortunately, my girls shared their cold with me so that will have to wait but I'm with you in spirit!

Thank you for sharing your journey with your precious Ivy Joy. The two of you are an remarkable and inspiring pair and we wish you all the very best in the coming days and always!


Di said...

Continuing to think of little Ivy and you!! Come on Ivy! You can do it!!

Anonymous said...

Into her 20s? That's incredible. Mechanical valves don't degenerate so you got a 'bonus', right? All part of God's plan.

I'm still praying so hard. I want to see photos of Ivy, all plumped out with pink skin eating a running and playing. I can only imagine how badly you must be wanting that. She's such a special little thing - so many of us have fallen in love with her. We hope you can feel the love.

Today my prayers are for the Little Miss to be bright eyes and alert - even a stink eye or two - next posting. No complications. Those are the two prayers I'm concentrating on today. Stink eye and speedy recovery, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Praying this season is coming to an end and a new and beautiful season of healing has already begun!

Big Happy Family said...

Such an amazing little one. Hugs Mary.

Anonymous said...

Continuing to pray for this brave little princess and her mommy and family too! Our whole family prays for Ivy every night before bed. Lisa

Shauna said...

Praising God that the surgery went well. Praying that she will shock and amaze us all as usual and get off of all support quickly! Ivy is AMAZING. I can't wait to see what God's big plans are for that girl. I can't even imagine how excited you are for her to be running and playing with her siblings! I am just praying that this is IT! She can begin to heal, grow, and flourish. I know it's one thing at a time, but your girl is INCREDIBLE with so much strength that I can't wait for you to be going home!

Kristi said...

Praying this is the last hurdle for Ivy and her Mommy also!!!! Feeling good about things for you guys!!!! :)

Jen Barbee said...

We brought our Pearl home about the same time as Ivy Joy. Same agency. We have been following your journey. We are praying you home Mary!! Praying you home!

Wife of the Prez said...

Phew! I have been on pins and needles and stalking the blog, but I was hoping no news was good news!

Praise God for continued protection and healing touches through the miracle of modern medicine and the hands of those who know how to use it.

Really, really, really hoping she is able to move forward and get HOME very soon. I am still praying for a Thanksgiving plane ride home!

God CAN do that. ;) Hugs and Prayers from TN, Leslie

Susan said...

So happy little princess Ivy is on the final mend to a totally new functioning heart!!! I'm still praying for this girl and you too, Mary! I know it has taken a lot out of you, but nothing that you would not do over and over for her!!! You are such an incredible, selfless, giving person! Ivy is so blessed to have you for her mommy! <3

Lesanne said...

Always, always, always praying for your little doll and all of you!
Sending get well hugs, Leslie and Julianna

Anonymous said...

Praying that the new valve works well and lasts her a long time. God chose you to parent Ivy and I feel he picked the perfect Mom for her. He knew she neded someone with great faith, trust, and persistance. Ivy and you have many prayer warriors on your side. Draw strength from us.


Ladyblog said...

Praying without ceasing for Ivy Joy and for your family! Every time I am on my computer, my girls ask me if I am checking on Ivy Joy! I am believing with you that this is the last surgery needed to completely heal her heart for now!
Please post if there is anything we (Team Ivy Joy) can do for your family! I'm sure if you need something, Team Ivy Joy can make it happen.

Ana said...

So GLAD to hear that Ivy is doing well. Prayers for continued uneventful recovery and a speedy return home.

the beatties said...

Longing to hear that those beautiful eyes are communicating with you again and praying that you will constantly feel the nearness of your family in spirit. You are bearing a huge burden so far away from your loved ones.
With our love,
Marilyn & Brian

Fannie said...

Such good news!!! Can't wait to hear that brave little warrior is awake and gaining strength again. Your faith really does inspire me Mary! I've been praying for her many times each day and will continue to. Lots of low & prayers are being sent north! :)

Hope your little princess is back to giving her stink eye soon!!

Tracee said...

So happy to hear Ivy's prognosis is so positive! I will certainly be checking in several times a day for updates. This morning I had my 12th surgery in 8 years and I was in and out and back at home. The easiest surgery I've had. I just kept wishing it was that easy for Ivy.

Just know there are many people holding you two so close to their hearts.


alexa said...

I hope everything is OK and Ivy is doing fine.
I'm praying and thinking of you all day long.
AmitiƩs de france

Candy said...

Hoping and praying that no news is good news.

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