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Friday, November 9, 2012

Little Child, Big Miracle

Pin It There is currently only one thing keeping us from going home!

Ivy can not drink and now it is becoming difficult for her to eat wet foods too. If it's not dry and crunchy, she cries when she tries to eat.

She had a test done yesterday where they put a flashlight down her nose and throat. They did this bedside and our precious girl lay there as still as a rock and waited. I am so proud of the incredible patience and tolerance of this little girl! She is just amazing!

What they discovered was a damaged vocal chord on her left side. It opens and stays open, thus allowing fluid, food, air to leak and cause her to aspirate.

So today at 1:30 pm she is having surgery. She will be ventilated and she will be sedated. This makes me so sad, but this is the ticket to getting out of here. They will inject a foam that will fill the opening. The hope is that it will fill the gap while it heals and allow Ivy to swallow and breathe without pain or aspiration. 
And if all goes well, we hope to be home by the end of next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im secretly hoping for midweek!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my home!!! And I want to see my baby girl blossom with her family!!!!

We have had a wonderful week! We've had many visitors and Ivy made a new friend who is also from China. (Her brother is from the same orphanage as Ivy!) They were here for a cath and we were blessed with a new friendship! On the eve of my birthday a very large and special package arrived from my mom. My mom sent my sister to Boston!!!! She will be with me until Saturday morning! What a huge blessing!!! Thank you mom!

We are finding a little more of Ivy's joy every day!

 She has been showered with packages and special deliveries every day! We can not thank you enough for helping to make every day more tolerable. The delivery people know her by name now. 
 Thank you for all the beautiful edible arrangement (no card so we don't know who to thank), flowers, balloons, stuffed animals, cards, chocolates, Ivy Joy necklace, trinkets, stickers, snacks, care packages and fun things!!!!
Ivy in her Joy shirt!!

We have been here for 2 open heart surgeries, an earthquake, a hurricane and now snow!!! We are ready to go home!!!! 

 Having the freedom to walk around the hospital, go to lunch together, explore a little, is the best medicine for Ivy!
What One days mail looks like!

Is this not the sweetest thing??? We love all the kids who are praying and thinking about Ivy across the globe. Wouldn't a reunion be amazing??? A planned meet and greet when Ivy is well!! A chance to hug and thank all of you! And a chance for all of you to see sweetness in person? Thats my dream :)

Ha, her hand looks a bit HUGE in this picture but I had to post it since she was snuggling mommy in it :)

By faith, I will look forward to telling you all tonight that she is OFF the vent, had NO problem waking up from sedation, and IS drinking without aspirating!!!!  

Love you all!!!!!

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Candy said...

Praying that Ivy's surgery is an easy one and that she wakes up quickly and heals.

Love the pictures.

Can't wait to see her playing with her sister at home.

Laine said...

Praying today will go smooth with no complications and that you will get to go home EARLY next week! :) I know you must be so ready...and at the same time so thankful for all the love and care sweet Ivy is receiving!
Sending Alabama hugs to you all...

DiJo said...

I agree!! It is time to bust out of there!!!!!! Ivy is not going to know what to think, when it's not Christmas everyday!!! How awesome is all that fun mail!!!! :) You my friend, will need a small moving van to take you home!! As it should be!!! And, how fun that your Mom send your sister to be with you!!! Thank you Grandma for that!!!!! I hated that you were alone! All the gifts are so sweet. And, that necklace is perfect!!!!!

Praying for today's surgery to go off without any complications. In FAITH, I TRUST that it will!!!


Luciana said...

Praying for all to go well. It's time little munchkin gets a break. She will have so much fun once she's home.

Sending hugs.



Carmen said...

Mary. Thanks for sharing that video of her giggles. First time that baby giggles make me cry.
Two heart surgeries, earthquake and hurricane! wow - that is some testimony you've been given.
Sad to hear about another surgery but if that is all that is keeping you from home I count it all joy.
Will be praying,

Maggie said...

Continuing to pray. You have one amazing girl!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful, wonderful update Mary! I am sorry to hear about the surgery, but I am sure that Ivy will sail through it! My favorite picture is that sweet little hand holding her chocolate kiss:) Oh...and love the card from Carmen and Ami Mei. You can see why I included them in my book...they are very special people (and prayer warriors:)
Enjoy your weekend!!!

Di said...

More positive vibes being sent your way! Hope all goes well and it is indeed the last thing that helps Ivy get home soon!

Holly said...

Dearest Ivy Joy,
We are praying big for you from Virginia. We are praying that you can eat Godiva chocolate and drink chocolate milk tomorrow. You are the strongest little girl ever!!
The Nguyens family

Kim said...

Prayers and hugs from Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Prayers for today. Ivy gets through this next procedure with NO complications and wakes from this sedation effortlessly. I pray you get to go home early and that Ivy continues to get better and better and better as each second ticks by.

3 Peanuts said...

Praying again for you little Ivy JOy!!!! Love how everyone is showering her with love, prayer and gifts!!!

Teresa said...

Thrilled to hear things are going well! Gabriella and I are saying prayers that you all are home early next week and can be reunited with your family:)

Susan said...

Oh I so hate that she has to have another surgery, but I know you are willing to do what it takes to get that sweet girl home!!! Praying all goes well and she is back to becoming a joyful Ivy in no time! You are going to need a u-haul to get all her gifts home!!!! :)

nancy said...

Dear Sweet Ivy Joy and Family, we are praying for you every day. You are truly a special little miracle, and Our Dear Lord is caring for all of you each day. Blessings from the St.Martin Family in Sharon, MA.

Lori said...

I hope the procedure today is much easier on Miss Ivy and that she bounces back quick. And of course no more stink eye for Mommy!

Anonymous said...

MARY, ORDER THAT TRUCK SO YOU GIRLS CAN GET ON HOME!! Praying todays surgery goes well and Ivy has no complications and wakes up without any problems!! It would be WONDERFUL to meet you ,Ivy and your family somehow !! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Karin said...

LOVE that your mom sent your sister!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So great to see Ivy up and around and enjoying her daily mail. :) Praying that all goes well with the surgery.

Natalie and Isabella said...

Praying for this wonderful, amazing little girl!!

Side note: My 1 1/2 year old daughter saw me looking at your blog today and saw pictures of Ivy and her words were, "ohhhh, awwwww" then proceeded to kiss the computer screen over and over and over and over, so as my daughter says "Ibee" is getting some special love from my daughter. Love hearing all the great news about "Ibee"!!!!

Ladyblog said...

Ivy Joy is loved and adored by many! We are praying for her!!

Fannie said...

Wow!!! She is a LOVED little girl, that is for sure!! I wondered about that necklace the other day, it is perfect!

I'm so glad to hear all the great news and hope that Ivy is drinking fluids soon. She is such an amazing little girl!

Happy belated Birthday Mary!

Praying you girls get Ivy all fixed up and get to go home soon.

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