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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello 8 East!

Pin It We have received our ticket out of ICU!!

Ivy is on the floor!

Out for stroller rides, wagon rides, walking on her feet just a little (about 20 feet this afternoon and again tonight)

4 days post op from round 3!!! I am so amazed by this little miracle! So amazed!

From a cardiac perspective she is back to looking stellar!

I don't even understand how that is possible given all of that she has been through, but its true!

Her fluid retention is gone!

She is eating some and drinking some.

We have an ekg and chest x-ray tomorrow.

Yet another swallow test will be ordered for this week.

Another echo will happen this week.

She is being transitioned Heparin is the fast-acting anticoagulant and coumadin is for the long term.

Our prayers now are for her little precious spirit. That she will be back to her happy, silly, precious self as soon as we are out of here. She is so serious and and shut down. I pray that she will trust again and of course can not wait to see her smile again!! Our prayers are especially focused on praise and thanksgiving! Thank you God for giving Ivy life! For giving our family, Ivy!!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

To all our friends and prayer warriors, thank you for loving and serving! Your prayers are our own answer to prayer!
I was a weak vessel through whom God's glorious power and grace could shine all the more brilliantly!

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Candy said...

I have been checking for an update a few times a day and am so happy to hear that Ivy has been moved out of ICU. Great news. I hope that all tests go well and Ivy is on the road to recovery.

Alison @ said...

Yay!! I checked in tonight before heading to bed and am so glad to hear Ivy is out of the ICU! Hang in there! I'll be praying for Ivy's spirit and continued recovery!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I've been stalking your blog all weekend! I was worried that no update meant something was wrong. Thrilled to know she is doing so well and has moved out of ICU. That's amazing!! Ivy is such an inspiration!


Virginia said...

HOLY MOLY, she is amazing! I don't think I've commented in a while but I've been keeping up with Ivy daily and praying. My four year old is even praying for her. Can't wait to hear that she is DONE with all of it and you two are headed back home.

Gin =)

TJ and Tony said...

I have been following the miracle that is Ivy for quite a while now. Thank you for sharing your journey. God is SO good!!!

Julie said...

I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but pain medication can cause depression. I know she's just a wee thing, but with everything she's been through and all of the medication she's been on, maybe it's affecting her little personality. I will be praying. I was thrilled o see she's on the floor! I can't even imagine everything she's been through.

Suzette said...

Praising the Father of life and blessings for this gift! Oh, what joy fills my soul to hear such blessed news! Continuing to pray!

Carmen said...

A great update Mary! I will be praying for God to replace Ivy's fears with His peace and allow her to hope and trust again even while at the hospital.
Mary God is trusting you with so much and I can see why.

Anonymous said...

Great news, so happy to hear that Ivy is out of ICU. Happy day,


Luciana said...

Oh thank God. Jellybean needs her very own customized cape. If I knew how to sew, I'd make her one. And one for Momma too ;)

Philippians 4:6 - indeed

Lori said...

What wonderful news! I think Miss Ivy is planning an escape out of that hospital... you'd better keep an eye on her! :-)

Wendy said...

Thank God! What fantastic news! I'm thilled for Ivy and you and your whole family!!!! Thinking of you both and hoping this respiratory thing that is still hanging on goes so I can come by and say hello again before you leave Boston!

likeschocolate said...


alexa said...

I couldn't sleep that nignt, thinking of you and being so worried and this morning, first thing I do is to check for an update and now I'm crying so hard, it's crazy. Ivy is amazing, so strong and brave, we can all learn from her.
I'll be praying for Ivy's spirit and recovery.
Hug from France
(I would like to send you an email but I can't, it doesn't work. If you want to, please contact me alexa.bini at I have some thing asking you.)

dawn said...

Ivy's spirit will return, just wait and see. She is mighty. Thank you for the wonderful update.

Bridget said...

so glad to see an update on sweet Ivy and praying for her continued healing.

sierrasmom said...

Starting this day off with tears of JOY!!! What wonderful news!! I have no doubt that Ivy's spirit will be back...she is just being... oh... so.... cautious given all she has been through. But oh how she has been healed by the love of her Father!!!

jennifer said...

What a great report!! I am thrilled that you got to bust out of the ICU! Absolutely amazing how well she's doing! Giving thanks for your miracle today!

the beatties said...

When she starts to realise how much better she feels when she walks around and even starts to run, her bruised spirit will soar to even greater heights than before. Praying that this will soon come to pass.
What a special Thanksgiving it will be for you on Thursday - we only wish you could have been all together at home. With our love.
Marilyn & Brian

Paige said...

I am thrilled that she is out of ICU and praying you see her precious little spirit soon, bless her little heart!! Many prayers will be said for your girl!!!

Laine said...

Praises and happy dances in Alabama! We will keep praying for good results from all her tests, and for Ivy's JOY to return! Bless her...

Ladyblog said...

I'm so happy to hear all the good news and praying for her sweet, sassy spirit to come back! Thanks for the update. I find myself waking in the middle of the night and praying for Ivy Joy. My girls came back from their dad's house Sunday afternoon and the first thing they asked me is how Ivy is sweet. So many people love and care for her! You are very blessed (I know you already know that).
Praying you HOME!!!

Annette Duty said...

So glad she's out of ICU!!!!! Praying she will start to feel better now that she's able to get up and move around a bit. I can only imagine all she's been through that she is just so ready to go home and play with Lexi and see the whole gang! I imagine you are in the same boat! Perhaps as she heals too, the pain will decrease. All she has been through, gosh, she's amazing. We'll pray for that stink eye and a giggle and grin from your angel! God Bless you both!

Annette, John, and Alexandria

Anonymous said...

So thrilled to hear this wonderful update!!
I will pray for Ivy's continued recovery. ~Holly

Janet and Kevin said...

Rejoicing at your post today! We pray for your sweet daughter every night with our little ones.

janet and gang

Chasing our Dream to China said...

Praise God for 8 East! I was hoping Little Miss was keeping you busy with wagon rides, and that's why you didn't text back last night. Yeah! Chase Bo wants his main squeeze back by December. Let's do it! Go Ivy! Praying for her lively Spirit to once again shine. Love you!

Maggie said...

Singing the Hallelujah Chorus and praying for continued progress! May Ivy's spirit heal along with her body.

Anonymous said...

What "heartwarming" news! So, thankful that Ivy is moving closer to being well.
Isaiah 25 1 O LORD, You are my God; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name; For You have worked wonders, Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.

G'ma in NE

Rachel said...

So glad to hear this update! Congratulations!

I was starting to worry when a couple days went by, although I do know it must be exhausting and more draining than most of us can understand and we so appreciate your updates.

I will keep praying that Ivy's recovery is fast and painless, and that this is her last open heart surgery of her childhood. This precious girl has been through so much, and your family is a prime example of faith - and how you never seem to lose it no matter how dark your days are.

You're all a blessing to this world. xoxoxo.

Dan and Karen said...

So very very thankful for this wonderful news! Blessings to you! Still praying fervently.

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news!!! Praise the Lord :-) He is always good.
I wore my "Spread the Joy" T-shirt to work Saturday night! I had lots of customers comment on it and I got to share Ivy's story (and her adorable picture on my phone) several times that night!
Just one more way God is using this precious child to build His kingdom :-)
We love you Ivy! We are praying and we won't stop!!!
Jess Bendell and family ;-)

Lesanne said...

Praying for your precious little Ivy's future to be filled with wonderful health and contagious smiles and giggles!!!
Leslie and Julianna

The Princess's Mommy said...

Thank you, Jesus!! Praying you see that sweet smile again very soon!!


Amanda said...

Way to go Ivy Joy!!! We are still praying for you!!!

The Jones Family

Anonymous said...

Praying for Ivy's spirit today. Praying that as she goes home and gets back into the routine of family life, all of this will be a distant memory and only remembered as how much she was loved and prayed for from everyone.

She has been through more that most of us will ever face in a lifetime. God is healing her body now and your love will heal her spirit. I have many prayers of thanks this year! So happy to hear the good report!

Kristi said...

Checking in on 'our' little angel from Costa Rica. ;-) She is ADORABLE as always. And, as always, you are handling all of the twists and turns in the winding road to a healthy heart for Ivy with complete grace and thanks....the PERFECT mom for beautiful Ivy Joy. Hoping u treat yourself to a well deserved cup of wine on Thanksgiving. Will pray and will be checking in on u 2. So THANKFUL that Ivy is looking as if she is on the road, finally, to that life that you have dreamt for her!! Giggles and energy and non stop fun with her siblings!!! Yay!!!

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