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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progress for Ivy

Pin It It will take leaving this hospital for our little bumblebee to really fly. And really feel safe.

 She watches the door, follows whoever walks in the room with ONE eye. Keeps her stone face on guard, and holds my hand.

She tolerates everything being done to her with no tears. 

Her doctors and nurses think she looks fantastic! Her mommy thinks she is fantastic!!

She is already gaining weight. Her low weight that she had dropped down to last week was 13 pounds! (at 2 1/2). That weight haunted me! But she is already up to 14 pounds now. I can already see it in her face. It had gotten so thin and sunk in. Don't get me wrong, She is far from where she needs to be, but she will get there fast now that she is well.

 She shuts down in the play room. I think the worry that something else will be happening soon just gets the best of her. 
So we take lots of walks, watch lots of Dora, allow her to eat all the time, and wait together.

Blood pressure med is working, they are monitoring her closely, trying to find a happy medium 

 Her LA pressure is still high. It will take her heart 3 months to get to its Full new function. 
 I keep falling asleep typing this and waking up to a jumble of letters lol! 

Her lungs still have fluid in them. She gets a chest x-ray in the morning to see if we need to take a more aggressive approach. 
She has damage to her vocal chords so we are thickening all fluids like we did after last surgery and she is not the least bit happy about that. She likes salty snack foods so she is always thirsty and now that she knows everything is thickened, she just flips her lip and gets big sad tears down her face! 

She will have another echo and pacemaker check in the next few days and then once the results are in from that, we can start discussing the idea of us going home and the plan, as to when.

To say she is doing amazing would just not be saying enough! She has blown the doctors and nurses away with her will to live, will to get better, and the speed that she has been moving since she woke up! And the chances of getting a fever and pneumonia when you are recovering from 2 back to back surgeries is HUGE! I know we are not home yet, but Ivy beat the odds on that one too!

I thank you all again for praying for our daughter. For diligently following along and caring enough to leave us messages and share the joy!

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Luciana said...

Thank you for this update Mary. Yes, this little bumblebee will definitely fly. She will soar. Sad to think that she's so sad. But she's so brave, so amazing. Sweet babycakes... two pounds is a lot on a teenie weenie lil jellybean, so I'm happy for that. I was wondering if there's a high calorie paste or vitamin to help her gain weight faster. I know it must be hard for her to eat a lot being so little so maybe something small that goes a long way?
Sending you hugs and still praying with all my love.


Yvette said...

Hugs, she is so thin, but what a remarkable difference a week (has it even been that long since she awoke?) can make. Truly a princess. OCntinued prayers!

Kat said...

Oh, you are all just precious! I've only just "met" you but prayed like crazy upon learning of Ivy's needing to wake up. What complete JOY in learning of her healing. Thank you for sharing your lives and your faith.
God bless,

Joni said...

We are so happy to hear that Ivy is doing so well!

She is indeed a brave little girl. I think she may get that from you being brave Mary. You haven't let her think that it might not workout.

Yes, it is so tiring for her, but by tolerating all that is being done, I think it says volumes about her trust in her Mother who in turn trusts in The Lord.

May God continue to bless and heal Ivy Joy.....
The Trout Family

Anonymous said...

I am still following you guys several times a day. I am sooooo proud of your little peanut! What a fighter!!! Ohio still has lots of prayers and hugs going out to you guys!!!

Loving the pictures!!! What a difference between last week!!

Sharyn and LiLi

dawn said...

Oh this sad face is so hard to see but then it makes me giggle to think how smart she is and how she gives the stink eye to all the right people, at least in her mind.

I hope you can get some rest Mary. Be kind to yourself. easier said than done I am sure. Sending love and hugs to you.

Stay warm up there.

(my word verification included the numbers 777, it must mean you are leaving soon on a jet plane.)

Stefanie said...

Such wonderful news, Mary! Amazing all God has done to care and protect her... thank you for sharing her and all He is doing in her story!!
Big hugs to you both!

sierrasmom said...

She lokos wonderful!! Happy Birthday have so much to celebrate on this special day!!! You ROCK!!!

Ladyblog said...

She looks so beautiful! We continue to pray for her to gain weight, clear her lungs, and heal! Thank you for letting us be a part of her journey.

kim647 said...

Ivy looks amazing. She is heading in the right direction for healing. May God carry her through the rest of her journey to her healthy place. Hugs.

CariP said...

Praise God!

Jboo said...

So so happy to read this news about your little pumpkin! Praying for more good results and news of a plan for you all to head home!


The Harlicka Family said...

Mary, we will continue to pray for complete healing, no more complications and for Ivy and you to be able to go home soon so she can feel at peace and really thrive in the comfort of home! :) Be on the lookout in the next couple days for some goodies for Ivy and you! :)
Much love,

Lisa said...

Ivy looks FANTASTIC!!! The photos show her weight gain, albeit small!! Each pound is a HUGE milestone, I'm sure!!! Have a beautiful day, Mary, and thanks for the update!!!

Jboo said...

Such great news on Ivy and Happy Birthday Mary!!


jennifer said...

Every time I see a new post of Miss Ivy, it makes my heart sing! What a little fighter she is. These pouty pictures are so cute :)

Happy Birthday!! I know you have everything you ever wanted today :)

Paige said...

Such wonderful news!!!! What a beautiful birthday gift for you!!! happy birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see Ivy doing well. Hard to believe she's come this far in less than a week! Truly proof of the miracles God can do! Praying for continued blessings in her recovery.

Renee said...

I'm still praising God for how wonderful Ivy is doing. She looks so awesome. God is so good.

Happy birthday Mary....I hope you have a super birthday and that you both are home very soon. Being home surrounded by all her loving family will be the best medicine ever for miss ivy.

Kim said...

Awww, what a JOY she is! Love the pic's and can't wait to watch her soar on eagles wings!

Maggie said...

So happy for your sweet baby girl! I'm praying for her continuing recovery.

3 Peanuts said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!!! I cannot wait to see Ivy Joy running around with her sisters back home. God has used her and you in such an amazing way. All praise to Him!


JB said...

I have been following and praying and am so glad she is doing so very well. I am a speech path who used to do some swallowing tx and you may want to see if they will allow you to thicken juice, freeze and then blend to make her a smoothie? Many of my adult swallowing patients who HATED thick liquids would accept a thickened smoothie if it was cold. Also, thickened soda that is VERY cold tastes like an icee. Oh, and mediterranean yogurt has 200+ calories in a small container. (I have a skinny kid too.) Sorry to bombard. A pound or two of gain when you weigh just a little is a HUGE gain! Well done mama!

Anonymous said...

I just love your little super hero. I think of her all of the time and am sending our thoughts and prayers.
Wishing you a veryhappy birthday and hoping today and the year ahead are awesome!!! I think you are off to a good start:)

We will not stop sending our prayers to you until she is home and running around with her hair on fire with her sisters:)

Kathy said...

First off, I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday!!!! So happy Ivy is awakle for your bday. Hope it is a good day for both of you. Ivy looks fantastic, hope she continues to heal, gain weight and improve. Such exciting news, of talking of going home . You are an amazing mom, don't know how you do it, but we all would do anything for our kids.
Have a blessed day and prayers will continue your way from our house.
Happy Birthday again.

Five in Finland said...

I have been quietly following your blog for some time now. I am awe of your faith, your strength and your duaghter!

It is difficult to see from the photos how teeny tiny Ivy must be if she is only 14 pounds. Count me in as another Team Ivy member--my prayers are with you, your family and the hospital staff!

Oh, and a little birdie is spreading the word that it's your birthday--Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift God has given you!

Mary Karen

TDE said...

Happy Birthday Mary!! What a wonderful year this will be for you and your family!
Praise The Lord for Ivy's continued improvement!

Grandma Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Mary~ What an awesome birthday for you! Spending your special day with one of your most special kiddos! Have a wonderful "kiss" filled day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mary!! So happy for you all. Go Ivy!!!

John & Michelle said...

We LOVE you Ivy Joy! still praying in Athens,AL

Aj Robinson said...

Your strentgh, determination and passion are awe inspiring. Your daughter's strength, determination, will and beauty are characteristics, inward and out, to be marveled. I 'check in' on you daily and, as many do, think of you often throughout the day. I pray for a full and speedy recovery and that your whole family will be together again soon. Happy Birthday, may this year be the best year yet!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful peach bud! Mary, if you feel like your up to it or want to, I have a few questions.

Will Ivy's vocal cords heal and get back to where they were?

What is the tube in her nose for?

What is LA pressure?

Can't wait to see her and you home safe and sound so she can let her guard down!:)

Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

Sending HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to you MARY!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! Look all that the Lord has done for little bumblebee just in the last week!! He is Wonderful!! Praiseing Him! thanx for updating us all-- keep eating Miss Ivy ---you are so LOVED!! ,Hopefully you'll be going home real soon!! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Mary! You and Ivy are always in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday- so wonderful that you can share it with your sweet awake little girl! We are praying for continued healing for Ivy.
Antinette and Hadley

The Oswalds said...

She is so precious! It warms my heart so much to see her pretty little princess self sitting up & recovering so well! Prayers continue for both of you. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!


Even Miracles said...

Go Ivy Go ! I hope she continues to improve each day and nothing but good things come your way ! Praying each day that this miracle continues.

Carmen said...

Sweet baby Ivy, your heart has been broken in so many ways... May God's healing touch you inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Love and Prayers for Ivy Joy - she is so beautiful! Happy Birthday wishes for Mom - and lots of Prayers and Love as well.
Bridget from Ohio

Anonymous said...

It has been a privilege to lift you all up in prayer! I love her little oufits! Still praying!

Susan said...

Little Ivy continues to be such a precious miracle!!! I know she is only going to continue thriving each day and will not stop amazing those doctors and nurses! I can't wait to see that beautiful face lit up with joy. Poor thing, I know she is ready to get home. Praying it will happen soon! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Mary! Hope your day has been filled with an outpouring of love from many friends and your family! Big Hugs sent your way!!!

Kelly said...

I recently came to your blog through a prayer request and because i don't like to start in the middle of the 'story' I started to read from your very first post in 2007 all the way up to now.
Ivy truly is a miracle baby! She's been through so much, but look at her, she is such a strong little girl. I hope her healing continues without any complications and that very soon you can go home reunite with your beautiful family!
Wishing you all the best!

All the love from Holland,

p.s. I'm so sorry if I wrote anything that's not quite right. I find it very difficult to use the right words (I am Dutch). Reading in English is easy, writing.. not so much ;-)

Holly said...

Happy Birthday to the the best Mom on earth! I am sure Ivy's healthy heart is the most precious birthday gift to you ever, right? wishing you the best on your Birthday!

Holly Nguyen

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Mary! I hope that you were able to find some Gifts in this, your Special Day! Darling Ivy, you are so precious to Jesus. Precious to your Mama and the rest of your family. And, precious to myself and all who follow your journey. I am praying that you'll soon be happy. Happy and Healthy! You are Loved. Tiny Girl!
Mary, I just discovered a new product in the ice cream aisle. It's called "Thrive". It's made by the makers of either Boost or Ensure and has 500 calories per serving. And, it is nummy! I hope someone can find some and bring it to you & Ivy. Much Love ~ Jo

Blessed to be MeiLeigh's Mom :) said...

Thank you for sharing the miracle of Ivy Joy! What an awesome God we serve...

Faith Buhager said...

I'm speechless...Praise God. This is absolutely a miracle. Ivy looks so beautiful and animated:) May God continue to give you strength for the day Mary.

DiJo said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most amazing Mom's I know!!!!!! I am so thankful that God has blessed you with this tiniest of miracles!!!!! You two are an incredible team!!! Sorry you are in the hospital on your special day. But, my guess is your roommate made it special!!!!

Love from your MN Family!!!

jaxgatormom said...

Happy Birthday! he best birthday gift a Mommy can receive is her baby on the road to recovery! Praise the Lord! Your family has been in my heart and prayers. So thankful she is doing better. What a blessing!

jaxgatormom said...

Happy Birthday! The best birthday gift a Mommy can receive is her baby on the road to recovery! Praise the Lord! Your family has been in my heart and prayers. So thankful she is doing better. What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful peach bud! Mary, if you feel like your up to it or want to, I have a few questions.

Will Ivy's vocal cords heal and get back to where they were?

What is the tube in her nose for?

What is LA pressure?

Can't wait to see her and you home safe and sound so she can let her guard down!:)

Thanks for your time,

Jennifer said...

Prayers are still flowing for your family, sweet Ivy Joy, and her momma from Somerset, KY. But we are also sending up a lot of praise to God for all he has done and what he promises to do.....Lots of love coming your way!

Janet and Kevin said...

Praying for your sweet, sweet daughter every night!

In Christ,
janet and gang

Candy said...

I know the recovery is a slow process, but do you have any idea when you will be able to go back home? I also hope that you have found a new group of doctors to put Ivy in the care of back home. She deserves the BEST!

Angie H. said...

She is beautiful....

Hanne said...

Ikeep praying for Ivy. As a mom of a very special Hangzhou-princess, she and your family has a very special place in my heart. I hope your family can soon be together in your own home, and that Ivy keep getting better in the same speed as she has so far.
Best wishes
Hanne from Denmark

Wife of the Prez said...

OK, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pics.

But my favorite part? THOSE AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL P.I.N.K. LIPS!!! Says volumes to this fellow heart Momma!

She DEFINITELY looks so much healthier. AMAZINGLY MIRACULOUS healing taking place here. Thanks for continuing to share Ivy Joy's miracle with all of us readers.

{{{Heart hugs!}}}

Kristi said...

Love her and her amazing story!!
:-) Can't wait for seeing her smiles and future gains in the coming days and weeks!

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