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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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There are so many pieces to the puzzle that makes up Ivy Joy's life. The daddy who said, what are we waiting for, she needs to get home. The mommy that fought the fight of her life from the second we said yes, and right until this very day and forever. The sisters and brother who gave things up, sacrificed, prayed, and loved this little girl more than life every single second. The grandma and Aunty who are different people now, more thankful, more aware, and ultimately, changed because of the head over heels love they were overcome with when they met this little girl. The friends of my own kids friends, who have been touched, changed, overwhelmed, by the life and value of this once very sick baby girl. The friend who I never met, praying with me at the wee hours of the night on the phone before we ever left for China. The friends, old and new who stepped in, offering anything they could come up with to make our decision to head to Boston, that much easier. The prayer warriors all around the world dedicating prayer after prayer after prayer to Ivy Joy while hearing God speak in thier own lives and finding new hope and stronger faith, all because God, and His works and this little girl. New families created because when we said yes, they found the faith to say yes too.  A dear friend of mine who insisted on praying for Friday discharge even though the doctors said we would be discharged by Monday and then stay in Boston a few more days. Even though we knew Friday was not an option, she continued to pray big because with God, all things are possible. She never gave up hope. All the people from family and home to China and France and all around the world, hearing over and over that we were on the road to recovery and over and over again, that we were not doing well and needed prayer yet again, they never gave up, they never lost hope, they never said it's over, and God stepped in, again! A dear friend from home who made so much of our travel arrangements for us and is here with me now, just waiting on Ivy and I hand and foot with the heart of a servant all because he fell in love with this little girl and was blown away and forever changed by the act of God and His ultimate plan for this ~once an orphan, labeled terminal, little girl~. A dear friend that I only met a week ago, who happened, not by accident, to be right here with me the moment I found out Ivy would need a 3rd open heart surgery. She became family that day as we cried together just picturing my tiny girls chest being opened once again and all the fighting, the pain, the suffering she would have to endure once again , and when the time comes, this beautiful friend of mine is having Ivy and I flown home in a private jet so that this little girl can have as little travel time as possible and be back with her family where she will blossom. The cardiologist who has built me up time and time again, always full of kind words about my heart, my soul, my parenting, my advocating, my nursing lol, my love, for this little girl. The surgeon, oh this surgeon, he is so much more than that. I cry as I type this knowing that he is the silver piece in this puzzle... God being the golden one. He looks at Ivy with these eyes that have so much compassion and he spends so much time with us, checking in on her often several times a day. But last night when he came in, still dressed in his O.R gear, it was dark in the room and Ivy was just falling asleep. He held her hand and stroked her wrist. And he told me a story. A story of a little girl who was born 13 years ago with a very complicated heart defect. And how her surgeon cut a hole in her aorta by accident as well as several other mistakes. This 13 year old girl is his daughter. His baby! She was on ECMO, she was in heart failure and at 6 months needed a heart transplant. She then went on to needing a kidney transplant by the time she was 2. His daughter. He looked at me with the kindest face and told me that he spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital, right here in my shoes! He was in med school when his little girl was born, and I am sure that his little girl is why he is a heart surgeon and why he has such a passion to bring Ivy home healed as best as her little heart can be. I did not know any of this before last night. But God did. God knew who Ivy needed and He brought me here. There are so many more pieces to this puzzle. Children all over praying and sharing Ivy's story. Having lemonade stands and praying those Huge, rock solid, big prayers with an unshakable faith in their fathers ability to do more than we could ever fathom! Nurses who have loved Ivy from head to toe every single day. Our DR family who has supported us from day one with love and prayers.  Our Ladybug family, praying fervently! Our Napa family and Vacaville family, that loves us so much and never gave up hope! My dear friend Jill who traveled to China with me and precious Maggie who is the kindest woman I know. The people who now know Christ, or have come back to Him, all because of His works through Ivy Joy. My China Heart mom family, I love you all! My church family. My precious nieces who have sent me text after text just to love on me and support me. Keith and Brandy, our dear friends in AZ who loves us so big! Nat, Chris, Laurie, Tina you are such vessels in all of this! I love you. Jane, Holly, Luciana, Paige, Annette and Alex, Melanie Mannos and family, Jilie Wingert, Kathie Hikade and lovely Sierra, Carmen Piper, Jennifer and Kim, Amy Roy, Ben and Amy, Stephanie Chu-ba, Karen McCarthy, Wendy, Beth Cario, Barb Whalen, Mary Ellen Meyer, Tonia Davis Evans, Sherri Zimmrman, Lyn Thomas, Elizabeth Rozman, Karen and Lily, Kendall, Todd, Avery and Chloe, Sharon, Sharyn and LiLi, Kelley and family, Gretchen Downey, Glenda, Penny, Susan Sims, Jo, Jen and Christian, Yvette, Georgia Grace Family, 
Thank you for your kind emails and constant prayers!! So many pieces! Too many to go on right now, but all, equally important, valued and loved! Amy Timberlake, I love so much and have loved every phone call and message! Sarah and Lee, Thank you for taking the leap too! I love you guys and cant wait for our babies to meet! I could go on forever, but I have a room to pack.
What you say???
Thats right! My buddy Diana, in Minnesota never put our mighty God in a box, she prayed big and she prayed out loud! And we are being discharged on FRIDAY!!!!!!!
Ivy is cleared to go!!!! HE Echo was great! She is eating like a football player. She is happy as can be, laughing and playing and talking and, well, eating some more! Not chocolate and chips either! Real food. Large amounts of regular, real food. Baby girl has energy to finally eat a full meal! And she is loving it! We are not at a perfect INR but her cardiologist is confident that she will be ok enough to get out of here by Friday. And they are so confident that mommy has no problem with her care that they do not even need to see us for a follow up here in Boston. We will see our new cardiologist, shortly after getting home. He is the new~ Head of Cardiology for Phoenix. He comes from CHOP! Praise the Lord. Another piece of the puzzle. We see him Tuesday. My friend Kim will be here Friday to escort us home on Saturday morning!! We will arrive at Williams Airport on Saturday around 1:30pm. I still can't believe it. I have said This Is It, over a dozen times in regards to my sweet girls healing. and here we are, finally, in God's timing..


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Woo hoo...awesome news. I don't always comment but I have been keeping up with y'all. GOD is good! All the time.

Paige said...

Oh Mary I cried the good old ugly cry reading this! I praise God for sweet Ivy's life and for giving her you as her Mommy!! I have worried for you being there on Thanksgiving but am thrilled to know you will be celebrating in the hospital and then a few days later with ALL your family! Hugs dear friend, I am so happy to hear this beautiful news!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!!! I'm sure that song resonates in your heart. He has shown his mighty power and grace by healing Ivy in the most wonderful and miraculous way. Tears ran down my face as I read your post. What a day of Thanksgiving you will celebrate this year. Wishing you traveling mercies and looking forward to seeing updates from home.

Yours in Christ,

Big Happy Family said...

Mary, What a blessed Thanksgiving. I am so happy for you and for sweet Ivy. i am sobbing reading this post. God is so good. Thank you for sharing Ivy, with me and and with the world. She has truly shown everyone that God walks with us everyday, that he is in control, and I know he has big plans for Ivy. Thanksgiving has never meant more! Thankful.

deborah said...

WOW!!! That is wonderful news, for sure. I'm sooo happy for you all, but, especially for Ivy Joy. She is a very special little peanut. So glad she's finally able to really begin to enjoy her life as a two year old. She's about as cute as they come. I just sent her a present today. It probably won't arrive before Friday, so, hopefully they'll send it on to your home. Have a wonderful, safe trip home and get on with the daily grind, which won't seem like such a grind, after all. :)

Laine said...

OH MY!!!!! Such amazing wonderful news!!!!! Thank you Father! Sweet Ivy Joy! HOME!
I have chills!

Karin said...

Sooooo happy for you!! A little sad that I never got to meet sweet Ivy while you were here, but glad that I was able to see you. :) So thankful that you are going home to your family. It's been a long road...but oh my goodness...Ivy is well. Praise God!! He is so faithful!!!

Teachn18 said...

Praise the Lord for he is wonderful!!!! What a day of thanksgiving!!!! I am overjoyed that you both are heading home. I can't wait to see how Ivy thrives once she's surrounded by her entire family. I continue to stand in awe at her fighting spirit....she is amazing! Ivy's story has touched me in so many ways. I thank you for sharing her with all of us who love and pray for her daily. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that God has big plans for her! Praying for smooth packing and safe travels! Many, many blessings!
With love always,

Drea said...

This day has been a long time coming. Congratulations!

-Bryce's mom

The Whitledge Family said...

Great!! Got my late night update on Mrs. Ivy and i'm so glad she's going home. God does hear our prayers.

jennifer said...

Who Hoo!!!! Yay God!! Diana has certainly rallied the troops on more than one occasion! I am so proud to be a part of team Ivy and watch this amazing story unfold! God isn't finished yet! So very happy for you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lindsey said...

I am SO thrilled (and a bit tearful!!) to read this. What amazing news!!!!! You never know what can happen when your team sets their minds, hearts and prayers to it! (My Evie was discharged only 48 hours after one of her brain surgeries!!!!)

My family, including my 3 little girls, will include this wonderful news in our discussions of thankfulness tomorrow.

So so so happy. We can't wait to see the next chapters unfold.


Holly said...

I read your post on Thanksgiving Day as tears streaming down my face. I am so very happy for you and Ivy to be able to go home with a healthy heart. My three girls will be very happy to hear Ivy's awesome news in the morning. God bless and have a safe trip home Mary.
Your family is so loved all over the world!
Happy Thanksgiving!

DiJo said...

It is no coincidence that this fantastic news is being shared on Thanksgiving Eve!!!! God has been in every detail of this journey to Boston... I have marveled at the way He has provided, and answered the specific prayers of many... Ivy's life is such a testimony to God's faithfulness. And, to the blessings in the trials.. And, to the way He equips those He calls!!! Mary, you have been such a vessel and a light for Christ in this battle. Your ability to glorify your Heavenly Father even when life is HARD is so beautiful. Your faith has never wavered since that first email to me in August of 2010!! What a gift Dr. Baird gave you by sharing his personal story. Another trial that God has used for good!!! Ivy will always have a special place in this very special and gifted surgeon's heart!!! A reminder that miracles do happen! And, that love prevails!!! Thank you for your text today. I have been smiling every since!! I am so very thankful that soon Boston will be in the rearview mirror. It has been a privilege to scribe and a privilege to pray! Happy Thanksgiving Mary! And to Ivy Joy... The best is yet to come!! I can't wait to see what God has planned for you.. You are truly fearfully and wonderfully made!

Matthew 19:26

Annette Duty said...

This is the BEST news ever!!!!! It is just amazing to know that God has heal Ivy Joy and she is on her way home Friday! I have goose bumps now as I write this - finally, finally, Ivy can go home and live as any child should - playing, laughing, and enjoying her upcoming Christmas! Thank you Lord for blessing this little angel with a surgeon who is Your Hands. Thank you Lord that Ivy Joy found the way to be healed through your leading them to Boston. I am in tears now as I write this. Thank you God, thank you for healing dear, sweet, innocent Ivy Joy. Look out world, here she comes! Our God is the most awesome, powerful God and this is what I am thankful for this year that your angel is coming home - finally, she's coming home all healed up! Wiping tears away because I am so happy for you all. Alexandria keeps asking about Ivy and wants to know when it's "1:00 O'clock Ivy and Lexi time". This is just the best news - Alexandria is sleeping now, but it's the first thing I'll let her know in the morning. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!

Annette, John, and Alexandria

likeschocolate said...

Ok ! You have me crying ! What wonderful news! I pray your journey is safe! How is it that people don't believe in miracles. I just witnessed one! Can't wait to follow Ivy's journey. A journey of a healthy girl playing, laughing, loving and being loved.

Anonymous said...

Mary, The best news ever! I woke up in the middle of the night and just happened to check your blog. I was praying you could be home for Thanksgiving. I am sitting here crying tears of joy for you and sweet Ivy. It is such a blessing that Ivy received such great care and that you will be on your way home soon. So sorry I never made it up. We had every intension for visiting, but with two storms back to back it just didn't work with our schedule. Maybe someday soon we will be able to met Ivy.

Big Hugs from CT.

Turtle Mom said...

WOW! I cried reading this. What a Thanksgiving blessing this is! So much to be thankful for. Ivy is truly a gift from God. I am so excited for your entire family! Wishing you safe travels home.

Luciana said...

Ah Sweet Mary... Like I said in my blog, this is a Love Story. There are many lives intertwined in it. I am honored to be a tiny little part of it. This is a love story that is awe-inspiring. And your post is beautiful, but I am not at all surprised. Love Story. God, the ultimate epitome of Love.
Ivy Joy, my sweet Jellybean, you come directly from the hand of Love Himself therefore you are Love. A huge love, larger than life in a tiny little body. I cannot express how happy I am to know that you will be home this weekend. But most importantly, that you are doing so amazingly well that you will in fact be home this weekend.
Mary, I always tell you, I look up to you. Your strength, your poise, your graciousness. Your Love.

I love you Sammons Family. You have become such a big part of my life.



Di said...

Congratulations and a perfect Thanksgiving! way to go Ivy - enjoy every moment of your new found energy!!

alexa said...

There is so manythings I would like to say but my english is getting so bad....I' cried so much reading this message,I haven't been praying like this for many many years. And I will pray so much more from now just to say thank you for life, for health, for family,friends and hapiness.
I'm so really happy for your family for allthat great news!
Happy thangsgiving
Hugs from France

Lori said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift this is for your family! I can't wait to see pictures of a healthier Miss Ivy at home with her entire family!

Lori in Texas

Karen said...

Wow! That is the best news I have heard all week. I am so happy for you and Ivy. This brought me to tears reading this. I was hoping to come and see you and Ivy tomorrow. It looks like I will not be able to because you are GOING HOME. If you need to come back to Boston for any follow up in the future, please let me know and I will be available to get you from the airport or be here for whatever you need. Sending you and Ivy lots of hugs for a safe flight home.
Love to you, Ivy and your family.

Karen (and Lily)

dawn said...

WOW, I have tears just streaming down my face. This is it.
Go get life and live it. Oh my gosh we are so happy for you. Actually that doesn't even come close to how we feel.


Anonymous said...

I have lurked, followed, and prayed from these quiet corners for many, many months for your precious baby. It is mind boggling to see how God still touches earth in human beings to bring healing and hope. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for all who have been your hands and your heart so that little Ivy Joy's heart could be healed. What a day of Thanksgiving!

Carolyn (in Las Vegas)
Mother to Joy Lin (16½--adopted from Hefei, Anhui 1997)

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful for you and your whole family! Your unwavering positivity encourages my own family to try and be just a bit better. I hope that I get to give Ivy a big hug someday but we're all sending thanks and hugs to you all in the meantime! Love you all!


Debra St. Arnauld said...

Yep, this made me cry, too. I have also been quietly praying, day after day, for your precious baby girl. So much to be thankful for! Best wishes from Michigan as you prepare to go HOME!!!! YAY!!!
(also with two kiddos from China)

Lotte en Eugene said...

have a safe trip home!
Thank you for sharing your story and for being so open about it.

anne said...

yep, crying here in Virginia too! I am sooo very happy for you all! Thank you for sharing your journey will us. Go Ivy!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

oGot up early to put the turkey in the oven but felt I really needed to check to see how Ivy is doing! Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray for all of you!
A grandma to many!

J Tolman said...

Smiling BIG... words fail me.

Kim Crouch Athens, AL said...

Our God is so awesome! Thank you Jesus! I don't know you and you certainly don't know me and I can not remember how I got directed to your blog and sweet Ivy but I am so thankful I found you. I have been so blessed by you these last few weeks. I will certainly continue to follow sweet Ivy and her miracles. Bless you both on this gracious day of Thanksgiving. Have a fabulous trip home!!

Much Love...

Blessed to be MeiLeigh's Mom :) said...

What a beautiful blessing for Thanksgiving Day... thank you for sharing... God is GREAT!!

Wendy said...

WooHoooooo!!!!! What a post to wake up to on Thanksgiving morning!!!! Tears of joy and thankfulness! What wonderful news! I'm so thrilled that Ivy Joy is doing so amazingly well that you finally get to go back home! Wow. I will miss having you here in Boston and will try to get in to say a quick goodbye if I can manage it. Do you have any idea when you will be leaving the hospital tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post to read on Thanksgiving morning! Thank you for sharing this God filled story! Still praying in Ga.

Paula said...

This is the post I have been patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for!!! That is such awesome news!!! Love it as tears are streaming down my face. You have been in our prayers each and every night as my 22 month old went to bed. What joyous news! I'm looking forward to seeing little Ivy blossom! What a reunion this will be!!! Happy Thanksgiving from Canada!

Carmen said...

Such amazing news to have on Thanksgiving day. Ivy Joy's name will be mentioned at our table.
And - oh my - how he provides, a PRIVATE JET, really?

Praise the Lord, my soul.

2 I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
3 Do not put your trust in princes,
in human beings, who cannot save.
4 When their spirit departs, they return to the ground;
on that very day their plans come to nothing.
5 Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob,
whose hope is in the Lord their God.

Anonymous said...

Wow..amazing!! Sooo thrilled to hear this!! Happy, happy Thanksgivng!! ~Holly

Anonymous said...

Praising God in Georgia!! This is a great day!
Mom of Fab Five

Maggie said...

So much to be thankful for! Alleluia!

Lori said...

Tears of joy for your Ivy girl and you and your family, Mary! God is indeed GOOD! So very happy for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Rachel said...

What beautiful both gave me goosebumps and made me cry!

Congratulations to all of you, and Thank the Lord for his grace. Ivy is such a miracle and I am so thankful you are able to bring this precious little miracle home on Thanksgiving weekend!

Bless you all!

Laura said...

God is good!! Ivy Joy is certainly a story of Thanksgiving and evidence of God's healing powers. Isn't it amazing the people that God puts in our life when we least expect it.
I will continue to pray for Ivy Joy and your family!!

Kristi said...

What a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving! I am celebrating with you.

Safe travels HOME!

maggie k said...

What an amazing reminder to be thankful for God's presence in our lives every day!So happy that you and the little peanut are leaving Boston and will be home with the rest of your family very soon. Love Maggie

DiJo said...

In Jeff's words this morning..
"PRAY BIG and go Home!!!!"

So darn excited for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The "R's"

Grandma Shelley said...

Oh my.....Chills running thru my body. Tears running down my cheeks. Sobs escaping. This is just amazing news. Oh , how our God works. We serve an Amazing God! Hugs to you and your family! So very much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving day! I hope you continue to blog following your return home. As I don't know you personally, I look forward to following your daughters lives here on your blog. Thank you for allowing those of us who are strangers to you, to pray for you, and watch God's miracles unfold. Big hugs to all who have gone above and beyond for this one little girl...and so many others!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm so happy for you! Finally she's doing well and she would be able to have a real life like the other little girl of her age.

Thank you to share this moments with us.

Anne-MArie from Quebec

The Oswalds said...

Tears of joy & thanksgiving for you & little Miss Ivy Joy!

Shauna (in VA)

Ginger Dippel said...

Oh Mary...I don't even know how to put into words all that I feel. I have been crying tears of "JOY" all morning long. I have been posting and calling friends and family with the most wonderful news "IVY JOY IS GOING HOME!!!"" Do you hear that???? We serve an awesome who fills us with such HOPE!!! Oh and the story about the surgeon....what a God story...there is no way this could have happened without HIM!!! What a blessing this man will always be to your family!!! And I will be forever grateful to God for bringing you together. I have been proud to be on Ivy's team!! It has brought to me a whole new level of Faith and Prayer. Thank you for letting me and my family share in this journey with you!!! Thank you God for using Ivy Joy and her wonderful family to help teach us about the real meaning of your love for us!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
Kathie Hikade

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary ,Ivy Joy and family!!! Shall we all marvel at our Amazing Father !! Praise the Lord Today and Always!! A VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY TO YOU ALL!!"PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW'!CAN;t wait to see your whole family together! so much to be thankful for !! wow!! Blessings,Cathy in Illinois!!

Bridget said...

What a wonderful post of Thanksgiving!

Jennifer said...

Words can't begin to desrcibe what an awesome God we serve! So many people believe that God doesn't work miracles like he use to, boy are they mistaken... You know that Ivy has touched so many, so far away, and she gives us all hope. Im so thankful that you have shared your family's amazing story, the ups snd downs, it gives me peace in our adoption situation. Peace that nothing is to big for my God!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Crying tears of joy! What a perfect post to read on Thanksgiving!!

Sending hugs from Upstate NY,

Anonymous said...

Mary, the way you share the details is beautiful, like poetry. There is life behind your words.

This year for my family has been a struggle. We had to leave the church we'd been a part of for 11 years, a ministry we'd been leaders of for 7, my husband has been without work for over 2 months and my 82 year old father is in the hospital soon to be in assisted living to help with his multiple needs. My faith has struggled constantly. During this time I watched the adoption of Ivy unfold. I started following your blog when you were still in China waiting for Lexi. Mary, you and your family have an amazing strength and love that consistently shows Jesus. My own family's struggles seemed so small as I watched you fight for your little girl. Ivy's story, your family's story, has renewed my wavering faith. We serve a mighty God, an amazing King and I join you in worshiping Him forever and praising His name forever!

Our families continued prayers are with your family. Our daughter, who was adopted from China 2 years ago at age 12, loves your little girls with everything she has, has worried over Ivy like a mother hen and prays for her all the time as well as talks about her all the time. She says she saw babies in her orphanage that had "sick hearts" and sometimes they died and it was always so sad for her. Because she was so gentle and nurturing the orphanage, at her request, had her hold the sick babies and help with their baths. Perhaps that is why Ivy holds such a special place in her own heart.

God Bless you and your family, our prayers for a safe journey HOME!! (and Happy Thanksgiving!!)
Lisa (Brad, Lane and Lena Yi Yi)

Anonymous said...

I know what I'm thankfull for this year..Ivy, what a tough little Girl......Gyll

Kristyn Nurkka said...

I am crying tears of joy reading this! Yay! Oh my gosh this is so great! Ivy Joy will be home!

TDE said...

Thank you Heavenly Father for this wonderful news!! I can't stop crying and praising God for what He has done!
Dear Lord, please continue to surround this family with your love, strength, and healing.


Virginia said...

I have chills. Praising God with you and praying for continued healing and strength.

Gin =)

Anonymous said...

As one whose Faith has been renewed by your story, I am absolutely thrilled for you and the tiny miracle you call, Ivy Joy!

Georgea's Mommy said...

PRAISE GOD!!! I can not wait to see you all! Prayers for safe travel and big blessings as you join your beautiful family at HOME!!! So happy for all of you. And especially thinking of sweet Lexi jumping into her Mommy's arms fills my eyes w tears of joy. Love you all!

The Heald Family said...

OH Mary, I am celebrating that you all are join home Saturday! Yea Ivy:))

Cathy & Lucy Wu

Ladyblog said...

I'm a bit late posting a comment because I wasn't able to post from my phone when I first read this update. I of course, like most everyone else, cried happy tears! This is such an amazing testimony of God's love, faithfulness, timing, and answered prayers. You are such an awesome Mom and Ivy Joy is such a special little girl. You are so blessed to have one another. I'm so excited to see her heal, recover, and get stronger and stronger! She is going to have an amazing story to tell someday.
I just knew there was something special about your amazing doctor and the love in is eyes that was so obvious for his special little patient. God bless him!

ashley said...

That is the most beautiful thing I have ever read! My heart is overflowing JOY! Safe travels home!

Anonymous said...

Ivy, with her little heart of gold, is moving mountains!
God is sooooo gracious and this is absolutely the mighty work of His loving hand!!!!!!!!

What an honor it has been to pray you such a "BIG" way!!! This is such a great way to leave Boston :-)

Hugs from MN,
Jess Bendell :-)

sierrasmom said...

Sierra said it best....YAHOO!!!!!!

Carmen said...

Oh Mary I can imagine what joy it is to leave this place and be reunited with your family. We need a video of your little one at home all full of energy and sass.

Wife of the Prez said...

Mary, I am SO VERY THANKFUL!!! I was believing for that discharge too! I guess about now you are getting ready to fly out. On a private jet!!! We did that once too with our big girl. I am so thankful you had someone offer that. NO GERMS!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!


God, we are so IN AWE of your healing in Ivy Joy's life! THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING such a willing vessel to allow us all to watch the miracles! AMEN!

Susan said...

Don't know how I missed this post, Mary, but it just brought big tears to my eyes!!!! You could truly write a book about the journey of Ivy's life!!! God is so incredibly good and it never ceases to amaze me how He orchestrates every single detail of our lives! My son was just saying last night, "How does anyone live their life without Jesus?" What an unforgettable testimony sweet Ivy is to so many!!! Much love my friend!!!

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